full name noah anthony moretti dob + age May 16, 1982 & 35 hometown west hempstead, new york current residence tarrytown, new york status + sexuality taken + heterosexual education The University of Texas at Austin occupation business owner family Joseph Moretti
Gina Moretti née Orsini
Francis "Frankie" Moretti
Donna née Moretti
Gianna née Moretti
Vincent "Vinnie" Moretti
Nicole Moretti
pets Chance
White Fang
religion catholic, non-practicing
When Joseph and Gina Moretti already had four children under their belt they really weren't expecting another, especially twins. That meant two more mouth to feed in a house that already had six currently. However, that was exactly what they got on May 16, 1982 at Mercy Medical Center in West Hempstead, Long Island, New York. Now Joseph, Gina, and their four kids Frankie, Vinnie, Gianna, Donna, were going to have to get used to the new faces in the Morretti Family. And those faces were Noah and Nicole Moretti. Now Gina was a nurse at a local nursing home and it was said that her two favorite patients ever was this little old man Noah and this little old woman Nicole and that when they passed away a few months prior to giving birth she vowed to name her babies after them and that’s exactly what she did. Not only were Noah and Nicole born into a big Italian family in general they were born into a family that had a huge amount of relatives on both side. Each one of their parents had three siblings, and each sibling had at least three kids of their own. Everyone was close, holidays, birthdays, you named it it was a big event. And every Sunday the Moretti's would have everyone in their family down to their house in Long Island to eat for no reason at all, but it was a family tradition.

While Nicole played with Barbie's, played dress up, and hung out with her sisters. Noah of course was taken under the arms of his brothers and was pulled into sports, and rough housing, learning to look up girls’ dresses in kindergarten which got him into more trouble then needed but to him it was totally worth it. As Noah got older his interest for sports only grew as well as his interest in cars. When he was old enough he started to work at his Uncle Donnie's garage on the weekends, learning everything he could learn and eventually there wasn’t anything Noah wasn’t able to fix on a car. As he grew up he tried to play all different sports but eventually he found football to his calling and played it all through school until he eventually landed himself a scholarship to play just that at The University of Texas at Austin.

Growing up Noah was a complete and utter flirt and eventually even won the title of 'biggest flirt' in his senior year of high school. However this did not stop him from having a serious girlfriend through all four years of his high school career. Her name was Dallas Shapiro. Now Dallas and Noah were pretty opposite, causing a lot of people to even wonder why they were together. He was the school jock and she was the school nerd, yet they had something in common, their feelings for one another. She was his soft spot and he found himself doing just about anything for this girl. However, when Dallas was accepted to NYU and Noah to Texas, they called it quits yet sometimes Noah was unsure if it was really a good idea or not. The College experience was just that for Noah. Classes, partying, sports, girls, just a constant cycle of the same things. However in his junior year during a game Noah blew out his knee and would never be able to return to the game he so loved so he left school, moved back home and sulked in his parents basement for a few months before finally going back to his Uncle Donnie’s shop and becoming a full time mechanic.

Eventually Noah got sick of the scenery and decided to move upstate which broke his mothers heart but she understood what he needed to do. So Noah moved an hour up from the city to Tarrytown, New York. At first he wasn’t exactly sure if the move was a good idea, sure the people were nice but something was missing and working at this man's garage definitely wasn’t helping with that. This was until that same man that hired him decided to sell the business and move to Florida. This had been the opportunity that he was looking for and right away Noah offered to buy the shop. He had saved up a great deal of money and with all the money he received for his past birthdays he had more then enough. And in October 2008, Moretti Auto opened its doors and Noah never regretted the move again.

01. Has always been a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to football. Played football all throughout high school, and went on to play for the Texas Longhorns at the University of Texas until a knee injury ruined any chance he had at a career. Prefers the Yankees over the Mets, and the Giants over the Jets.
02. He is the youngest boy of the Moretti clan which is made up of 6 children. However, he happens to be four minutes older than his twin sister Nicole, something he often likes to remind her of. He is closest to Nicole out of all his siblings, but is always getting into a fight with his sister Donna whenever he sees her.
03. After everything went to shit in his football career, he ended up getting into working on cars. Eventually he went onto to buy an auto shop he was working at and renamed it Moretti's Auto in Tarrytown, New York.
04. Has two dogs that he considers to be like his sons. Chance and White Fang. His live-in girlfriend also has a cat that he doesn't mind too much.
05. Grew up in West Hempstead, Long Island, New York with his family, and is still very close to his parents. Came from a mostly Italian background, but also has some Irish in him through his mother, but the family was much closer to his fathers side. He also has four nephews and two nieces between 3 of his slibings.
06. He has the worst time at trying to get relationships to work. He has no problem getting into them, but he has no idea what to do once he's in them. Because of this he was arrested for a bar fight with a girlfriend's ex in college. His relationship history is quite an interesting one, and because of one girl he was royally fucked emotional wise for quite a long time.
07. Drives both a 2002 Ford Ranger and a 1967 Impala.
08. He lost his oldest brother in 2015 to a brain anerysm, and has had the hardest time trying to move forward. He's constantly on the edge and is afraid he'll fall at any more.
moretti auto

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31 Bridge Street, Tarrytown NY, 10591

3 beds • 3 baths • 1,059 sqft.

A 3 bedroom, 3 full bath Cape features a living room with fireplace, large country eat-in kitchen with views which opens to a deck, bedroom, den/office, full bath and a screened porch on the main level. There are 2 bedrooms and a bath on the second floor along with eave storage. The lower level offers a finished guest room/office, full bathroom and laundry/utility room. located within a few minutes walk to the Main Street area and the railroad station.