about me:

  • Kana
  • Female
  • Fluent in Chinese, English
  • I'm 80% Shin Cup
  • I write fanfics sometimes, quite often, not at all.
  • Listen. I love memes
  • A lit time for me is talking about books lol (probably why I want to major in lit but who knows)
  • Personal tweets/dirty jokes are in Chinese
  • My @ is a Cantonese pun of a Japanese phrase rendered in Mandarin pinyin
  • FUB free
  • Sometimes I indirect people
  • Will follow back if we talk!!

et cetera:

  • Current interest: Persona 4 & 5, various memes. I dunno. This is a shitpost account
  • I like Ensemble Stars a lot even though I quit. Talk to me about the latest discourse lol
  • TV shows I like: Westworld, Hannibal, Game of Thrones
  • (Occasionally) Kpop: BTS, Taeyeon, EXO, GOT7, Dean
  • Literary genres: American, magic realism, literary journalism, Japanese
  • ok but please talk to me about magic realism
  • Currently reading: Dream of the Red Chamber (will probably never finish)

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