• oz/ozias
  • they/he - 17 - aquarius
  • INFJ - chaotic neutral
  • filipino + est asian
  • heya! call me oz!

    im a rising senior in HS and a computer science major
    i dont post much in general but my interests include:
    KH, FFXIII + FFXV, TWEWY, Nier, and some animanga
    other non se things include FE, RWBY, and Overwatch

    my 4 hr long Noctis playlist bc i dont have self control
    and a Promptis one lmao

    my ids, ask me for a priv for more info

    curious catplease pet

    my friend and i giving matthew mercer the chrom x orange fic. never letting this go lmao: 12

    i have times where im not active and sometimes that goes on for weeks, so again, ask me for a private. i dont have a blacklist/byf, so other than that, thanks for reading. im gonna be cheesy here and say.. may your heart be your guiding key!