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2017 Tony Awards - The Nominees React - UPDATING LIVE!

2017 Tony Awards - The Nominees React - UPDATING LIVE!

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Bobby Grunin and Jamie Rulin, Dear Evan Hansen - Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre- Bobby: I didn't even want to watch. Last night - I shouldn't say this out loud, right? Last night, a bunch of us went out with the sole purpose of rendering me incapable of waking up at 8 am, and we did a pretty solid job, I think. I ended up at Jamie's - he's been holding my hair back since college - and so we were together when we found out. Our phones were blowing up, I couldn't stay asleep if I tried - and I tried - so it ended up being like any other day at work, really, us at our laptops trying to catch up on emails and phone calls. We took a few minutes to just be by ourselves with it, first. That was nice.

Jamie: I did watch the livestream - I was going to let Bobby sleep through it because... well, because I knew he was going to need it - but I had my headphones on and was trying to stay quiet. The internet in my apartment is not great and I must have been delayed by a few seconds because my phone started going off before I heard them even announce it. My mom, who else? She always gives me a hard time about not answering my phone so she goes, "I'm surprised you even picked up to let your mother congratulate you," and I go, "I didn't even know I'd earned a congratulations yet!" After that I knew there was no getting back to sleep for either of us. Dear Evan Hansen has really been a journey and we've been at it for so long that receiving the kind of recognition for it that we have has been so validating. So many people contributed to it becoming what it has... it's like raising a kid. My mother is going to see this and tell me it's nothing like raising a kid. But it feels that way.

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