Tell Us About Your Self(ie): Blair Overstreet The Ingrid Goes West star takes our Q&A!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Check my phone. Sometimes pee and check my phone at the same time if I wake up and nature is calling. When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order? Jack and coke. Once I've tucked a couple of those away, I'll start investigating how the house nachos are. I love bar food, the best poutine I ever had was at this random bar in Kansas some friends and I had stopped at while on a road trip -- and that's saying a lot because I've spent the past three years doing most of my work in Canada so I've had a lot of poutine. What's the one word you are guilty of using too often? I call everyone "kid" whether they're five or ninety because I'm really bad with names and I know it's a habit that I need to deal with, but it's a low priority habit, like I'll need to deal with flossing regularly before I can work on it. What is the last thing you searched for on Google? Brian Keith Thompson. I'm thinking about getting a triple flat or my rook pierced, and a friend of mine used him for her helix and loved it. Who is the last person that called or texted you? My sister, we have a thing going where we try to one up each other with how cute our cats are. I'm still winning. What's the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer? Phone: a selfie of me and my cousin with that Snapchat filter that gives you the sad face. Computer: a picture of the beach from the last time I went to St. Barts. What was the last awkward situation you were in and how did you handle it? I was hanging out with a girl my friend had introduced me to, but I had forgotten what her name was so I tried to guess it instead of being honest and fessing up -- because again, I'm bad with names. My guess was not even close. In hindsight I realize I should have texted my friend and asked, so remember that if you ever find yourself in that situation. When is the last time you went to a theatre? I went to see James [Fornarola] in Sondheim on Sondheim at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend, if that counts. If it doesn't, I saw Indecent on Broadway but that was back in May? I need to get back to New York because I really want to see 1984. What is your TV guilty pleasure? It's summer and that means it's time for Big Brother. It's the only thing I care about watching during the off season. The backstabbing, the fighting, the crying, I live.

What's the first CD you bought? Hanson's first album. I don't remember what it was called but it had an orange cover? And what music are you currently listening to? Lauv - I Like Me Better. What is the one food you cannot resist? I can eat a gross amount of jelly beans at once if no one stops me. The green apple ones are my favorites. What movie makes you laugh the most? Wet Hot American Summer. What toppings do you like on your pizza? Pesto, olives, onion, prosciutto, and red peppers with an egg on top. Or just cheese if I'm not being a bougie snob, but it has to be a LOT of cheese. What drives you absolutely crazy? People who ask you for advice and then tell you why they're not going to take it as soon as you're done giving it to them. And traffic on the 405! What was your first online screen name? BlairOnPointe. I was a fucking nerd. What’s the last thing you copied & pasted on your phone? A link to Kate Nash's tour dates. I just finished watching GLOW and I'm obsessed with her. What’s your favorite curse word? "Cunt."

What's your favorite emoji? The purple devil with the smirk. I use that one and the poop the most. Pick one: Kittens or puppies? No. I have both and I love both and if I pick they're gonna know. New York or Los Angeles? Los Angeles. Twitter or Instagram? Instagram. I only get myself into trouble on Twitter. Bacon or Nutella? Nutella, but as far as foodie trends are concerned I'm more of a 'can you put an over easy egg on it' girl than anything. Britney or Christina? Christina. Coffee or tea? Coffee, but I like a sweet tea with enough sugar to make your teeth hurt when it's hot out. NSYNC or BSB? NSYNC. They were my first concert, and I was in Justin's TKO video a few years ago, which was the second-most fun I've ever had pretending to be straight. BSB's Millennium is a great album, though. 2 a.m. or 2 p.m.? 2 a.m. When has anything interesting ever happened at 2 p.m.? 2 p.m. is when I take naps. Beyoncé or Rihanna? Rihanna. Bad bitches run the world. Netflix and chill or just Netflix? Netflix and chill. There's no shame in my game. Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire? Sorry Miles, Lizzie was bae. And finally: tell us a secret. I haven't worn sandals all summer because I'm growing back the nail on my left toe after losing it a few months ago and it is a gross sight to see. Good thing I'm not sending any selfies of my feet...

Catch Blair next in Ingrid Goes West, in theaters August 11!