On partner Helen Blackburn's recent article in 'The Guardian': “I am and will always be proud of her. I watched for hours as she fretted over the perfect turn of phrase and I don't think anyone could have been more eloquent. In staying silent her mythos, I believe, became something that she didn't recognise and I think for many bisexual people they are often seen as too gay or not gay enough. I think by reclaiming her narrative others can recognise that feeling of being between worlds and that, you know, it's okay.”

Parklife Festival || 10 June 2017

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Loving Someone speech:

"The world is pretty fucked right now innit? It's full up of people of different ages and colours and genders and sexualities and religions and people like Teresa May and Trump get a bit nervous cos the world doesn't look like them. People don't sound like them or love like them. People get hurt and killed for expressing who they are and music should always be safety, music should always be an escape. Put your phones down, open your eyes, breathe the fuck in cos we're here and we're alive and we've got a voice and start loving someone."
01. 07. 17 Vienna

Walking Shadows announces final installment...

In an interview with AP Vico Rhys of Walking Shadows confirmed that their upcoming third album Music for Cars will be the final installment of their trilogy of albums. Longtime fans will recognize the album shares the name with their 2013 ep to which Rhys confirms that the reference is intentional. The singer also confirmed existence of side project Love the Dynamo and their debut album in spring of the next few years. "This isn't the end of Walking Shadows," Rhys explained, "but it is the end of the era for the band as known." He followed it up, reitterating, "Walking Shadows and Love the Dynamo are two seperate entities." With the band's penchant for unusual naming we had to ask, was this another Shakespeare reference? "I hope our fans take what comes next as they are meant to be: love letters."