Do you love shoes?

Do you love food?

Do you love booze?

MAY 22ND, 2016 (SUN)
10am-3pm @ Shay & Lily's

Bring a dish and all the clothes and accessories you don't wear anymore. Get some quality time, stuff your face with brunch and shamelessly shop your friends' closets.

How does it work?

We all have items in our closets that we don't wear anymore. Maybe we outgrew them, got bored of them or they looked a lot better at the store. The clothing swap idea is about dressing up just as much as it’s about saving money, recycling, and decluttering. Bring 5-10 items you'd like to swap and freshen up your wardrobe without spending a dime.

Items allowed

Any type of clothing, accessories and shoes! Minimum of 5 items, maximum of 10 this time.

Please don't bring

Used underwear, bikinis, socks or any personal use items. No stained, ripped or broken items.

Mix and mingle

Please bring a variety of items, so there's plenty of options for everyone to pick from!

Potluck brunch

You bring the food.

We got the drinks

We'll provide the beverage.

Tell a friend

Help to spread the word!


Please RSVP here. Everyone is invited and we're welcoming of all genders, ages and sizes. By RSVPing, you help us to figure out whether it'll be necessary to reach out for specific types of items, so everyone has something to swap that suits them. Thank you!

Tentative schedule

10AM-11AM: Mix and mingle, set up the shop and hand out tickets.
11AM-1PM: Swap! Shop the items and choose what you're taking home.
1PM-3PM: Chill and hang out, get some nailart and fancy braids. Play a rousing game of CAH and get happy.