to apply you will need an ic username, an ooc screened post, and a directory, which should include your credits clearly listed (for celebs) and a biography with insight into your character's background, career trajectory, and personality. wiki style bios are fine, but be sure to include a separate section for personality if you don't cover it in the biography. we will also need to see examples, please include at least two scene or narrative examples and one update example (faux or regular).

we will not be holding credits, and if two people apply with the same credits, we will go on a first come, first serve basis. if you make any changes to your credits after applying, we ask that you delete and repost your application to avoid any confusion.

if your app was deleted, it was because we didn't think your bio or examples showed you're a good fit for the community.

activity requirements
new members will have 72 hours to post their intros in filmreel. we will operate on a monthly activity check schedule with checks done the last day of each month. if you join with less than two weeks remaining in the month, your first update will be due the following month.

to fulfill the activity requirement, you'll need one regular update which should show effort was put in and provide insight to your character. this can consist of a written update a written update like a narrative or an interview transcript or a visual update like an instagram feed or bag post. we don't have a specific word count you need to meet, but we don't want to see one line updates either. additionally, we ask that you participate in at least one group activity, this requirement can be fulfilled with a comments enabled subcomm post, or participating in a group activity like a ffa or plot post. keep in mind participating doesn't mean posting and flaking if you're too late for an ffa, or making a subcomm post but not replying to any of the comments.

it is your responsibility to turn in links to your updates and group activity requirements. if you are removed for failing to meet the update requirements, you must update before you will be added back.

we know that life happens sometimes, so we will be granting extentions if needed, though not for back to back months. additionally, if you go two weeks without updating your friends list or showing any signs of life on the friends page, you may be removed.

we will not strictly be enforcing a 5 year rule, but encourage you to use it as a guideline for picking realistic credits. especially with credits for young performers, remember there's a much bigger difference between 13 and 16 than there is between 33 and 36. we will not allow any kind of whitewashing or race-bending of credits between poc groups, but race-bending credits originated by white celebrities is okay as long as it makes sense for the credit. we also discourage gender-bending credits, but may be willing to make exceptions with behind the scenes claims on a case by case basis - if you're not sure, just ask.

for actors, we ask that you try to refrain from taking too many of any one actor's prominent projects, or overloading your credits with the "hits" from every big actor in an age group. careers ebb and flow, and not every year of a person's career is going to have a blockbuster movie. musicians are limited to one claim, and claiming an artist also includes the claim of all of their past, present, and future musical side projects - i.e., claiming justin timberlake's music credits means you're also claiming his work with *nsync, but claiming jenny lewis credits doesn't mean you have to take on her childhood acting career.

all filming periods, release dates, and tour dates should be kept the same as they are in real life to avoid confusion. we aren't strictly limiting you to a certain number of projects a year, but use common sense and keep in mind that in addition to the actual time spent filming a project or recording an album, post-production and press tours can also take up a lot of time. we will reject any obvious instances of over-scheduling.

if you decide you want to change your credits after being accepted, we reserve the right to deny any requests we feel don't make sense with your character's existing credits, the same way we would reject an application with inconsistent credits. if you want to completely revise your character's resume, we ask that you remove your character and reapply with an updated bio reflecting those changes. keep in mind that adding and removing things like award-winning roles or leads on long-running television shows would do a lot to change the kinds of projects someone would be offered or able to accept.

if you have any questions about credits don't hesitate to come to the mods for help! we love to see people getting creative and trying new things, and want to help you as much as we can.

the same basics are true here as everywhere else: keep ic and ooc separate, don't claim other's work as your own, handle intense subject matters sensitively, and be respectful to other writers. we want you to feel comfortable writing and having a good time without fear of judgment, and though we encourage and expect ic drama, we won't tolerate any kind of ooc misbehavior. if a serious issue comes up that you think needs mod intervention, let us know. line blurring and ooc harrassment are not okay here, and we won't hesitate to remove offenders without warning.