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RE: I tried calling...
April 5, 2016
Dr. Reina Solomon (
to me

Hey Hanna,

Thanks for responding so quickly. I was worried about you. I know things have been a little stressful lately and I just want to reiterate that you can call me any time. I will always answer.

As for your proposition with your upcoming tour, I don't think the best idea would be for you to have one of my associates on call. I know Emmy would love to travel with you (believe me, she's expressed this in many different ways!), but I have a strong feeling you are going to be fine. You don't want to hear it and I understand, but you are doing so incredibly well. Things are looking up, aren't they? You're making amends and that's exactly what you need to continue to do. As we apologize and rebuild relationships that were broken in our ugliest times, we start to forgive ourselves. It is extremely crucial that we don't lose this momentum, by having a crutch in the form of your personal Phd.

This comes from a truly deep love that I have for you, Hanna. You are nervous, that's all I'm seeing here. Like you said, your ex will be there for multiple stops. That's extremely trying on a freshly recovered wound! But honestly, the only way you're going to 'fuck it up', is if you continue to tell yourself you are. You make your own fate, am I right? He has already reached out so far to you. Don't inhibit yourself with that negativity.

Why don't you stop by on Friday? I had a cancelation at 1 and I can have Terri schedule you in the morning. I think it's best if we have another session this week. I can come to you, if that's easiest!

Let me know!

Lots of love,
Dr. Reina

(No Subject)
April 5, 2016
Jonathan Wagner (
to me

Hey Dahlia,
I'm sure you don't remember me, but we met after your show secret show last year in Brooklyn. Glasses, hipster beard, I think you called me a 'lumberjon!'! Haha! I attached a picture to jog your memory. I managed to find your email address pretty easily, actually! I was wondering if you'd like to get a drink with me sometime? I'm actually moving out to LA at the end of the month and would really like to spend some time with you. It'd be nice to have some friends in the new city!! Anyway, look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend,
Jon Wagner

RE: Surprise!
April 4, 2016
Luke Miller
to me

Ahh, wait, I changed my mind! What if you came on stage during the second verse of "Summertime"? They'll lose their shit. Then maybe stick around for whatever encore you want?

April 4, 2016
Luke Miller (
to me
hiya, hot lips! This is the email you asked for, your majesty. so this is what we're thinking for the set list. you can come in whenever, but I do think join us for the encore or something? I love this idea so much, we're STOKED! cool uh..yeah, on, my child
1. "Tik TOk"
2. "Toxic"
3. "Party in the USA"
4. "Fill me up Buttercup"
5. "Ain't no Rest for the Wicked"
6. "S.O.B"
7. "Float On"
8. "Flagpole Sitta"
9. "Do I wanna know?"
10. "Last Nite"
11. "Chelsea Dagger"
12. "Fuck her Gently"
13. "Born to Run"
14. "Runnin Down a dream"
15. "Midnight Train" oh wait..uhh "Don't Stop Believin"
16. "Wayward Son"
17. "Africa"
18. "Shake it Off"
19. "Summertime Sadness"
20. "Ignition (remix)"
21. "Happy"
22. "Under the SEa"
23. "Thank you for letting me"


RE: Missed Meeting
March 31, 2016
Dr. Reina Solomon
to me

I'm sorry, Patrick didn't tell me that happened. Call me when you get a sec. I might have a solution for you!

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March 31, 2016
Hanna Abigail
to Dr. Reina Solomon
I didn't go for a good reason. It's not like I actively decided to skip. I'm not relapsing. Some jackass decided to out me. It's not really 'anonymous', when someone fucking recognizes you, Reina.

March 30, 2016
Dr. Reina Solomon (
to me

Hey, Patrick from group reached out to me. Said you weren't there today. Is everything okay? Do you need me to stop by? He's worried about you and I told him I'm sure everything's okay, but I wanted to double check first. Let me know what's going on, okay?

Dr. Reina

Call me
March 29, 2016
William Glazer (
to me

Hanna, it's dad. I left you a message, but wanted to reach you here, too. Can you call me, please? I have something I need to tell you. It's nothing bad, I promise. Stop screening my calls, please.

Thank you,
Will Glazer
Senior Accountant
Reynods, Jackson & Turner, Assoc.

Tues Session
March 28, 2016
Chris Garcia
to me

I listened to that part you were talking about again. I don't know if the tone is right. Can you stop by tomorrow, before your meeting, so we can play with a different approach? Just save me like 30 minutes. Thanks, babe.


Spring Break in LA?
March 24, 2016
Romy Staletovitch (
to me

hey aunt Hanna!

I know mom would probably kill me if she knew I asked, but who better than myfavorite aunt! look, I know you don't want to do her any favors and I don't blame you. she can be such a gigantic bitch most of the time, but I haven't seen you in years and I really would like to get to know you a little better. anyway, my friend Bailee and I were thinking about coming out to LA for spring break. would it be cool if we crashed with you? don't worry, I haven't told her who you are. just my cool aunt that lives in venice beach. I promise we'll be super lowkey and you won't even have to feed us. we just thought we'd eliminate some unneccessary costs by crashing with family. anyway, yeah, just let me know! I really really really appreciate it.

oh and uh...can you not tell mom? I mean, I know you two aren't speaking but just, you know, in case. I'll clean your house or something! whatever you need! just let us keep this secret. THANKS. I LOVE YOUUU!!