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  • Introduction

    This page serves as the main hub for anything Comic Verse as it pertains to ~lineart! As questions come in and things change, this page will be updated. If you have any questions about anything you see here, please comment the dropbox


    Deciding that the normal way of trying to control the universe wasn't working, Thanos and Darkseid put aside their differences to create the League of Evil, bringing along Parallax and Apocalypse with them. Together, the four of them devised a way that they could not only take over the all of the infinite universes that already existed, but they found a way they could control those that they wanted to control.

    Together, the four of them figured out a way to take all of those they deemed unworthy -- both heroes and villains - and threw them to one universe, into a place called Boston. Here, every person they placed here would have new memories and would have no idea who they really were. It was the best way to get everyone out of their way as the League put their bigger plans into motion.

    It was also brought to their attention that in this world, they could manipulate people into being something completely different, and make their lives complicated. Those who were mortal enemies before would be best friends now, those who were pure good before would be completely evil now. The possibilities were endless, and for as long as this new world was available to play with, the League found it was easier (and dare say it, fun) to play with those they loathed this way.

    But as the years went on, the League and their minions started to notice something: the hold they had on the memories of those placed here was fading. Unable to stop it, once every four weeks memories would return to those who had lost them, and it caused the city of Boston to erupt into chaos. Instead of being angry at this new development, the League decided to take this opportunity to see just how much they can destroy the lives of those they brought here; hoping to completely wear down their resolve completely before taking over.


    Each League member has their own faction. As the League realizes more and more that their control may be fading over people, they have started to send out their individual factions to control the situation.

    Black Order
    • League Member Boss Thanos
    • Responsible for: Kidnappings during CV week, giving out items outside to see just how much people remember.
    • Appearance: Usually wearing all black, with small hints of purple. They appear to look more like high class members of society and people with power than anything else.
    Darkseid's Elite
    • League Member Boss: Darkseid
    • Responsible for: Random kidnappings outside of CV week, working with Black Order members to bring out fear and conflict, testing to see how much people really remember.
    • Appearance: Usually wearing something dark blue. They look more like blue collar folks, and easily blend in with the rest of the Boston population.
    Horsemen of Apocalypse
    • League Member Boss: Apocalypse
    • Responsible for: Random acts of violence and destruction. If you are fighting any faction during the week, it is a high chance you'll be fighting this one.
    • Appearance: They appear to be every day folks, and look like your friends, your family, your co-workers -- in fact, they most likely are.
    Brainiac Probes
    • League Member Boss: Brainiac
    • Responsible for: Brainiac's faction works more in a defensive manner for the other factions. Being able to play as guards and aid in gaining information, transporting or being used as cover for them. When used in an offensive manner, they work in a methodoligcal means, creating acts of destruction.
    • Appearance: Usually wearing something purple, they appear to be everyday people. Builds are large and fit, with broad shoulders, stiff movements, speech being highly proper, and they do not bleed when wounded.

    CV Rules

    • For each CV week, we recommend that you do a mesh of your au character and your cv character, though to what extent and for how long is in your hands. Be creative but be prepared for the consequences if your character kills/kidnaps/maims! If you have any questions on this please let the mods know.

    • If you were added into ~lineart on the start of CV week, you will not be able to join CV week. After long consideration, the mod team has decided that characters need to be more solid in their AU connections before jumping into CV week, so from now on new members added during CV week will not be able to join the event. Please see the mods with any questions.

    • If you are a new member experiencing CV week for the first time, here are some helpful tips to help you understand what cv weeks are about! This is a time in which the au world and the cv world overlap. Memories of your character's real self will come through into the au version you have created and brought to the game. Bits of personality may bleed through as well, but generally we suggest a healthy mix of the two - although we will not discourage creativity if you want to go nuts.

    • If you are a current member who has had a character experienced CV week before, everything that happened in prior weeks will carry over to each new CV week. Your character will remember everything that happened and why they did it.

    • If your character is not signed up for CV week, everything that they see going on makes them think that everyone has gone completely crazy. Any character not participating in CV week cannot remember their CV selves, nor can they be reminded of who they are by other members aware of CV week.

    • Once cv weeks end, all of the cv character's memories of who they are and what they know in their real world will be gone. Your character will remember what he/she did but will not understand why this happened. So for example, if your character got a tattoo, they'll remember they got the tattoo but not why. If your character robbed a store, they will remember they robbed a store, but not why.

    • In future CV weeks, we will try to incorporate new elements and plot twists. Each month when a CV week happens, we will post letting members of ~lineart know if this week will be a 'no powers/no items' CV week, or a CV week with a twist.

    • Any plot regarding the Infinity Gems must be approved by the mods. This is because the gems are a large part of the overarching plot of ~lineart, so the mods need to be aware of where the gems are at all times. There are times that the gems will be contained, or used by members of the community, so please do not hesitate in asking questions if you would like to try to include gems into your plot!

    • Don't forget to participate in the incentives so your character can be granted abilities and items for upcoming CV weeks! These can be accessed at any time, and any power or item you are granted through incentives will stay with you for each CV week.

    • If you ever have any questions on Comic Verse week, do not hesitate to ask the mods!


    My character is totally evil! Can they join up with the League of Evil and their factions?
    Unfortunately, the answer here is a firm no. All characters were placed in Boston with loss of memories because the four members of the League of Evil deemed those characters unworthy to join their cause. So long story short: if your character has been experiencing loss of memory (as all characters in this game have), they cannot join or attempt to join, the League of Evil.

    Are we allowed to use the League of Evil and their factions for random plot in CV week? For example, can we go and beat up some people?
    The mods will let you know what factions are available for plot during each CV week. Sometimes, a faction will be available to get into fights with, sometimes not. It all depends on what is happening during a particular CV week. For now, characters will only be able to interact with the faction - they will not be aware of the main four evil members at this time, nor will they be able to contact them or connect with them.

    Can we kill off an entire faction during CV week?
    The factions in the League of Evil are pretty much like Hydra - kill one person, two more appear in it's place. It's safe to assume that the League will have a list of people at their disposal. So if you want to kill off some faction members, that's fine! But keep this in mind: once CV week ends, the faction members go back to being just regular people; so if they die in CV week, there may be consequences once the characters all lose their memory once more.

    My character has run into one of the four main people in the comic world before. What timeline are you using for them?
    Whatever the most current timeline is, is where the league members currently are. For example, just because your character has been in the Horsemen of Apocalypse before, does not mean that is where they are now or have access to it. Storylines that have already happened are in the past, and now the league members are working completely outside of the known history and on their own. This gives us mods a little more flexibility with what we can do with them, and how we can stir up trouble for CV week!

    How can I get my character to be 'controlled' by Parallax?
    This is a very rare occurrence that the mods will be pulling out at random times, but there will be a sign-up post asking people if they would like to sign up for this. There is set of rules and guidelines set in place, and the person who is randomly chosen to control Parallax will work with the mods to discuss plot and anything else that may need to be discussed! While we have already used Parallax in our main plot, there is always a chance Parallax may come back, so stay tuned!

    First CV Week
    November 2 through November 8.

    Random CV Event
    Friday, November 21, 2014.

    As six characters were heading home from work or school or to start the weekend, they decide it's the perfect night for a walk. Happily, they walk along the city streets, but as they pass an alley, a group of masked men attack and put a hood over their head, tie their hands together and throw them into the back of a car.

    The characters were panicked and angry - what is going on? The characters are pulled out of the car and are dragged a ways before being told to wait. Why were they all taken? Who are these masked men? All six captives were taken into a dark room to wait, left for hours before once again being dragged out for harassment. This time it was to be taken into a new room for questioning.

    One of the men, the apparent leader, started to ask questions. He demanded, "What do you think you're doing here?" No one understood. The leader yelled, "Tell us what you know!" Everyone said they don't know anything. And then the leader started to call them by their comic book names or aliases, mentioning things only their comic book selves would know. Instead of all of this registering with the abducted, they became confused and scared.

    Not a moment too soon, the police came through a nearby door. As the six characters turned to look, the masked men suddenly disappeared completely as if they were never there. Everyone was rescued and sent home after the police questioned them, but all that came out of it is further confusion. Finally released after 12 hours of captivity, they were a bit bruised from their ride to the mysterious warehouse, had burns on their wrists from the ropes and were emotionally shaken.

    Second CV Week
    December 1 through December 14, 2014.

    Each member signed up for incentives was given one of their items or non-powers only for the duration of CV week. Unless unlocked later by redeeming points, all items disappeared once the week was over.

    Random CV Event
    Friday, December 19 through Saturday, December 20, 2014.

    Six characters woke up on the morning of Friday, December 19 to find that there was a package waiting for each of them. It was addressed to them, but it didn't have a return label. It looked like a regular cardboard box, and since it was around the holidays, for a moment your character thought that they ordered a gift for someone - or maybe this was a gift for them.

    Curious, they brought their packages in and decided to open it. Inside, were a variety of items: action figure, comics, movies. With it was a note that reads: “We think this might be familiar to you. What do you think?” and it was signed “The League”.

    Third CV Week
    January 8 through January 19, 2015.

    Each member signed up for incentives was given one of their powers only for the duration of CV week. Unless unlocked later by redeeming points, all powers disappeared once the week was over.

    In addition, one of the main villains of our story finally surfaced: Apocalypse. He started off by kidnapping an Avenger and his wife and later attacking various groups of people, including the assembly of everyone and two specific groups (X-Men and DC characters).

    Fourth CV Week
    February 15 through February 21, 2015.

    Because everyone was recovering from the revelations (and injuries) from January's CV week, we did not have any major plot mapped out.

    There were thugs around the city doing recon after Apocalypse's defeat, though it wasn't apparent who they were or who they were working for. All those participating in CV week simply viewed the thugs as suspicious. The thugs committed suicide via cyanide upon capture.

    Fifth CV Week
    March 21 through March 28, 2015.

    As you recall, we said that "major CV events" would occur every two to three months. We have something major planned for the month of April. This week, characters noticed a "gang" (in a new color scheme) walking around Boston. They did not commit suicide on capture this month; instead, they were actively seeking characters out. Characters were allowed to sign-up for random mod-approved encounters with these lackeys where information about April's villain was given out in small hints.

    Random CV Event
    Wednesday, April 1, 2015

    On the morning of April 1, everyone woke up with a reminder of their CV selves even though they are completely their AU selves. The effects are temporary, lasting only about twelve hours, but that is plenty of time to mess with their minds.

    Sixth CV Week
    April 26 through May 2, 2015.

    The villain of the month has been piecing together his plan for months and will be using those who gained favor to do his bidding.

    Seventh CV Week
    May 10 through May 16, 2015.

    Darkseid, feeling victorious, will fade into the background and leave everyone to their own devices to regroup (and heal) after their defeat. This will be a week of coping with the events of the past week, and we will not have a hand in any plot-related events. Perhaps the ones that did shift might think Darkseid has done something to prevent their friends from becoming themselves too.

    Eighth CV Week
    June 7 through June 13, 2015.

    The hunt for the space gem in Arizona and the mind gem in New York was on. People randomly found themselves in either location, while those left in Boston had no idea where their friends had gone. At the end of the week, the mind gem was secured by New York, while the space gem was stolen by Hydra due to a traitor among Arizona's ranks.

    Random CV Event
    July 4, 2015.

    Characters regained their memories for two hours on July 4, during the fireworks displays to celebrate the holiday.

    Ninth CV Week
    July 19 through July 25, 2015.

    Parallax paralyzed the city with fear in attempts to steal back the infinity gems that were discovered in June. Everyone, except a select few with telepathic immunity, was confronted with their greatest fear and forced to overcome it to defeat Parallax.

    Random CV Event
    August 9 through August 22, 2015.

    For two weeks, AU characters were given aspects of their CV character and forced to cope with what that meant.

    Tenth CV Week
    August 23 through August 29, 2015.

    With Parallax out of the picture, unsuccessful in locating either gem, Boston will likely be visited by Thanos' other allies in coming months. Not only are the three blindsided by his defeat, but they are furious that they were only able to determine the name of the mind gem's keeper.

    Eleventh CV Week
    September 27 through October 3, 2015.

    With both the mind gem and space gem on Earth in addition to no one knowing how to use them, things are bound to get interesting. With that being said, obviously we will be playing more with the side effects of the gems.

    Twelfth CV Week
    November 1 through November 7, 2015.

    Apocalypse came, he saw, and he went, complete with the help of four characters turned into his horsemen. The city was almost completely destroyed and placed into quarantine for nearly a month after the fact. Riots, disease outbreaks, and destruction have changed the lives of everyone in Boston forever.

    Thirteenth CV Week
    December 6 through December 19, 2015

    This CV week was split, with some people shifting one week and others another. Confusion was felt throughout Boston as characters tried to make sense of what was going on.

    Fourteenth CV Week
    January 17 through January 23, 2016

    The space and mind gems came into play in a major way, with people transported into death traps and others forced into doing things against their will.

    Fifteenth CV Week
    February 28 through March 5, 2016

    The soul gem came into play and caused the citizens of certain neighborhoods of Boston to turn into soulless zombies.

    Random Event #6
    March 24 through March 25, 2016

    The soul gem resurfaced, peeking into character's souls by placing them into temporary comas and forcing them to relive their greatest fears.

    Sixteenth CV Week
    April 3 through April 9, 2016

    The reality and soul gems came into play and caused souls to swap bodies and others to be able to peer into another's soul.

    Seventeenth CV Week
    May 8-14, 2016

    This CV week was a normal one that consisted largely of member generated plot.

    Eighteenth CV Week
    June 12 through June 18, 2016

    This CV week was a normal one that resulted in a group finding and containing the soul gem.

    Random Event #7
    July 4, 2016

    From 10:30PM to 12 Midnight, characters were their CV selves with a longing for home.

    Nineteenth CV Week
    July 17 through July 23, 2016

    Characters believed they were sent back to their home universes only to find out that everything they experienced was only in their minds.

    Twentieth CV Week
    August 21 through August 27, 2016

    This CV week was a normal one that resulted in groups finding and containing the mind and reality gems.

    Twenty-First CV Week
    September 18 through September 24, 2016

    Darkseid's faction held kidnappings and interrogations within Blackgate Penitentiary, in search of the missing gems.

    Random Event #8
    October 9 through October 22, 2016

    Powers and items were taken away from characters temporarily, as a ruse during a time of a desperate Darkseid and Brainiac using this time to continue abductions and interrogations.

    Twenty-Second CV Week
    October 23 through October 29, 2016

    The time gem came into play, with many characters experiencing mental alterations. Upon finding the gem, the group battled Darkseid for it and won.