unlocked incentives

allegiant archery martial arts swordsmanship acrobatics katana
aranha pheromone secretion wall crawling superhuman senses multilingualism spider woman coastume
bang personal teleportation device regenerative healing factor superhuman agility superhuman reflexes superhuman stamina enhanced strength master swordsman katanas memories of lady deadpool
brightlicity green lantern power ring
burglary advanced hand-to-hand combat
candygirl Ventriloquism mimicry scarface
caped kryptonian physiology solar energy absorption invulnerability superhuman stamina heat vision flight
coercive superhuman reflexes superhuman strength superhuman stamina precognative visions hand-to-hand combat dual katanas t-ship titans tower launch pad
daemonia basic telepathy telekinesis sorcery
deux danger sense transformation dove's costume flight concentrated radiance
ductility organic webbing generation
elusive phasing/intangibility phasing/intangibility extension non-corporeal physiology master martial artist computer genius expert pilot psychic link with magik space helmet element gun 1981 shadowcat costume 1985 shadowcat costume 1988 shadowcat costume 2004 shadowcat costume star-lord costume jet boots memories of kitty pryde memories of the xmen memories of guardians of the galaxy
fiery telekinesis empathy telepathy hand-to-hand combat memories of scott summers memories of jean grey memories of the x-men
fogo pyrokinesis
glowing telekinesis defense training danger room (x-mansion) psionic shield psionic blasts trauma healing telepathy telekinetic blasts diamond form expert technician war room (x-mansion) mission control (x-mansion) holding cells (x-mansion) memories of the x-men
goldenblast photokinesis
greenwarrior superhuman strength superhuman speed superhuman durability regenerative healing master martial artist
harlequins enhanced strength enhanced gymnast skills enhanced agility toxins immunity hand-to-hand combat penitentiary (arkham asylum) intensive treatment (arkham asylum) medical facility (arkham asylum) mallet memories of harley quinn
harmful expert in botany/toxicology basic hand-to-hand combat chlorokinesis/pherimone control enhanced agility enhanced strength arkham asylum arkham mansion toxikinesis/toxic immunity enhanced durability skin pigment manipulation poison darts barbed whipping vines poison lipstick handheld crossbow animated series costume green skin arkham botanical gardens robinson park
hellsgate emotional negation flight emotional healing telekinesis empathy astral projection soul self teleportation demon physiology chakra memories of teen titans
illusionary astral projection soul sword
languages superhuman durability superhuman stamina superhuman strength expert combatant expert swordsman dragonfang memories of thor
lockpick diamond mind control claws probability field manipulation skilled martial artist electromagnetic contact lenses expert thief slide-a-way casino (back room, casino office, main gambling floor, private gambling rooms) black cat costume olympic level athelete olympic acrobat equilibrium earrings grappling hook sleep darts memories of black cat
maat superhuman strength superhuman durability superhuman stamina wisdom of athena tiara lasso of truth bracelets of submission
manteio proficent hacker dc rebirth costume batcycle new52 batgirl costume martial arts mastery master investigator stealth mastery genius level intellect eidedic memory
missmartian martian physiology Malleable Form telepathy
novastar superhuman durability hand-to-hand combat linguistic assimilation starfire costume tamaranean physiology energy absorption starbolts flight superhuman strength superhuman stamina medical knowledge intimidation leadership tactical analysis swordsmanship firearms knowledge aviation knowledge titan's tower (game room, laundry room) titan's tower (living quarters, main ops room, gym, evidence room, garage, t-car, rooftop helipad) memories of koriand'r memories of tamaran memories of being starfire memories of teen titans memories of the outlaws
rains weather manipulation weather mimicry superhuman durability energy vision willpower/telepathic resistance expert combatant multilingual weapon proficiency tactician expert master thief blue eyes aviation black bird (x-men jet) white hair marvel NOW era costume x-mansion (basketball court, blackbird hangar, living spaces, security) savage lands knife & staff lockpicks stormcaster asgard armor 2000s era uniform original storm uniform extraordinary x-men uniform white era uniform ancestral ruby expert gardener memories of the x-men memories of wakanda memories of life before x-men memories of the avengers
screaming master martial arts acrobatics birds of prey clocktower living quarters (birds of prey clocktower) canary cry superhuman strength superhuman durability tactical analysis suit/armor hall of justice combat training center (birds of prey clocktower) combat training center (hall of justice) new 52 armor team 7 armor red league suit martial arts arsenal investigation bo staff canary cry bombs rechargeable wings memories of the justice league memories of childhood memories of star city
shifty metamorph
spoilered hand-to-hand combat martial arts stealth memories of stephanie brown
steelgrip bionic left arm martial arts mastery expert marksmanship
synanthrope spider physiology web shooters perfect balance & equilibrium spider sense superhuman agility spider-gwen uniform augmented musculature memories of gwen stacy memories of spider-gwen
touches power absorption flight superhuman strength superhuman reflexes superhuman speed superhuman stamina superhuman agility ionic regenerative healing ionic energy form
tora ice magic flight super strength minor weather control hand-to-hand combat memories of death
totality cerebro (x-mansion) cavern-x x-men hangar (x-mansion) telepathy telekinesis katana 90's uniform
watersheds alien physiology amphibian ability enhanced senses hand-to-hand combat enhanced durability enhanced strength superhuman jumping hydrokinesis enhanced swimming speed
wolfshift hyperkeen senses enhanced strength Lycanthropy enhanced size regenerative healing factor secondary mutations enhanced reflexes
xcloned bone claws superhuman durability regenerative healing superhumanly acute senses enhanced strength adamanteum claws
aikido master martial artist acrobatics peak human condition nightwing suit eskrima sticks swordsmanship
arcreactor master combatant bleeding edge armor (model xxxviii) memories of tony stark
blam enhanced senses rakk'n'ruin skilled pilot
cheonjae absolute strength limitless stamina nigh-invulnerability superhuman speed reactive adaptation regeneragtive healing increased psionic resistance gamma radiation/energy manipulation & emission hulk transformation device calvin klein a.i. suit skilled hacker memories of amadeus cho
crooks molecular acceleration enhanced psychic resistance enhanced physical conditioning expert martial artist
cyberion superhuman sensory array cybernetic enhancements memories of victor stone memories of teen titans
formidable skilled assassin
gadgetry genius intellect gadgetry acrobatics espionage martial arts snoopies radiation suit the bug beetle gun blue beetle suit
grafts regenerative healing factor techno-organic wings image inducer ariel adapation poisonous plumage essence reading
growled fangs animal empathy terrestrial metamorphosis animal mimicry hand-to-hand combat titans tower (with living quarters, gym, sick/bay infirmary, danger room, and main ops) poison generating green characteristics teen titan uniform memories of teen titans
greatfrog cybernetic enhancements arsenal costume
hairy superhuman strength superhuman durability superhuman agility regenerative healing factor
hawkdude bow & arrows master archer trick arrows hawkeye uniform
jokers regeneration pain resistance joker venom joker venom immunity cheating death green eyes superhuman strength superhuman durability telepathic immunity indomitable will cosmic awareness advanced knowledge of firearms gadgetry escapology poison flower brooch genius level intellect joy buzzer explosives memories of joker memories of harley quinn
jotuns shapeshifting regenerative healing superhuman durability sorcery psionics
kyujutsu trick arrows regenerative healing factor clairvoyance green arrow ashram martial arts green arrow costume (new earth) aikido archery green arrow's bow star city the arrowcave trophy room (hall of justice) main conference room (hall of justice)
latverians magic psionics
machspeed advanced enhanced speed enhanced metabolism
magnetic magnetokinesis auschwitz identification number tattoo organic iron manipulation telepathic resistance magnetic flight magnetic forcefields magnetic armorgenius level intellect magneto's helmet hellfire club (new york branch) memories of the x-men memories of the holocaust memories of the brotherhood of evil mutants
mystics sorcerer supreme the words
necromania ghostly physiology
pool teleportation device bea and arthur (katanas) holographic image inducer classic costume bea arthur (spaceship) superhuman strength magic weapons satchel superhuman reflexes superhuman stamina master martial artist superhuman durability possession resistance master assassin weapon x facility science labs (x-mansion) immortality x-men costume x-force costume regenerative healing factor memories of weapon x memories of deadpool
refueled green lantern power ring emerald sight indomitable will green lantern power battery hand-to-hand combat memories of the green lantern corps memories of the justice league
runs costume ring access to the speed force s.t.a.r. labs (with main cortex) basic hand-to-hand combat knowledge of criminology knowledge of forensic pathology memories of childhood memories of the flash memories of the justice league memories of central city
slushpuppie cryokinesis cold immunity ice form
solitude superhuman strength superhuman senses flight invulnerability energy matrix indomitable will new earth blue and red supersuit in cv fortress of solitude memories of superman
skeets flight power suit legion flight ring
steely organic steel form
swamps elemental elemental control chlorokinesis
tactician superhuman strength superhuman speed weather control mjolnir
terminate right eye blindness enhanced strength enhanced senses regenerative healing slade's cabin (with living quarters) enhanced stamina enhanced durability enhanced speed limited precognitive visions enhanced intellect enhanced reflexes enhanced agility adapation advanced hand-to-hand combat high level swordsmanship intimidation gadgetry nth metal armor/mask demolitions expert dual katanas flash grenades ikon suit/mask energy lance/staff god killer sword tactical analysis weapon knowledge & proficiency promethium broad sword standard armor meditation stealth escapology marksmanship memories of deathstroke's legacy
tsume medical/surgical facilities (x-mansion) healing factor bone claws adamantium skeleton telepathic resistance superhuman strength animal empathy superhuman senses memories of james howlett memories of weapon x memories of death
zippo fire manipulation