welcome! our community is based in a world that has been crafted by multiple hands with some direct inspiration coming from both the tv show once upon a time and the community ~supersuit. our community has been set up with the intention of exploring new ways to expand on similar ideas. there will be differences here in plot and the source of our worlds meshing and those elements will be revealed over time. as always, if there are questions, we welcome you to use our dropbox!

the character you create will be based on a superhero or villain from the comic book world. you will essentially construct an alternate version of said character, what his or her life would have been like if they'd been given a second chance or taken away from their powers or circumstances. this is their alternate life to live as they please, comfortably or uncomfortably in boston. they may have different names, lives and even personalities. what you choose to recycle or discard is up to you, though their true selves will always be just underneath the surface.

the goal here at ~lineart is to keep an active and friendly atmosphere. we are here to enjoy the community as much as you are. if you have questions about any of our rules, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • keep your played-by choices within realistic standards; this includes race and gender in addition to age. the five year rule for pbs apply to the au character, meaning your character cannot be more than five (5) years younger or older than the pb's actual age.

  • challenges: we will allow one challenge per character/played-by. if we feel there isn't enough for a fair comparison, you may be asked for more examples. if a challenge app gets in before the original hold, the challenge application will be held until the original hold runs out or applies, whichever comes first. this is a simple courtesy to those who are being challenged. if the original hold runs out, the challenge will become the main hold.

  • pb changes: we do allow played-by changes once you have been accepted into the game, but we are limiting this to three in-game . this limit includes reverting to a previously used face. we will keep track of these changes and reserve the right to deny additional changes after you've reached the limit. to change your pb, comment the members only dropbox with your request; do not comment to hold the chosen played-by for any reason.

  • cv changes: at this time, once you are accepted into the game, we only allow one cv change per character. this is because changing the cv changes a character drastically, and after a while if the change does not work, anything else would be changing your original character to the point that a whole new character may be better.


  • each writer is allowed five (5) characters, no exceptions. to make sure this rule is enforced, you must inform us if you have a character already in game when you apply. the mods reserve the right to restrict this limit even further if we feel a writer cannot handle the character load. Note that you cannot have all five characters be the same gender.

  • so long as you are picking a character that has a marvel or dc wiki entry, and have a comic counterpart (meaning they are not strictly TV versions only), we consider them for acceptance. at this time, we are no longer accepting characters from any other publisher as we feel that they do not fit in with the superhero environment. we also do not accept characters from the amalgam universe, as we feel as though this steps on toes of those playing the original characters the amalgam ones are based off of.

  • try not to pick two (2) characters from the same universe that would overlap in an interpersonal way. we would prefer that if you pick a character like superman, that your second (or third) choice be someone outside of his realm of normal contact. magneto, spawn or captain marvel would be acceptable choices. what we don't want to see happening is the same person playing both rogue and gambit.

  • all au characters must be 18+ in age; there are no exceptions. you are allowed to bring in an underage cv character, but their au self must be 18+. the mods will strictly police their ages.

  • you will need an ooc styled usernames based on your comic character for your journal. usernames also cannot include underscores or numbers. as an example, superman's username could be ~speedingbullet or ~antikryptonite.

  • examples should be at least two scenes and two first person/narrative entries. please try to show us your best work!

  • all journals should have backdated friends only and screened ooc posts. make sure these are in place when you apply.

  • make sure your friends list is clear and you have removed other communities. your journal cannot be part of any other games if you wish to join ~lineart.

  • you must have a biography at least five paragraphs long, or have ten highly detailed facts. there must be some kind of reflection of your comic book character in this biography/facts. whether you choose to keep it subtle or more obvious is up to you, so long as some semblance of the original character remains in place. this biography must stay linked in your journal at all times, so that other members (current and incoming) can learn more about your character.

  • if you have previously been removed for inactivity and reapply within two weeks of removal, you must provide a substantial update upon reapplying.


  • our requirements for activity are simple. every calendar month you will be responsible for making 3 posts: 2 random (lyrics, quizzes, gif parties, etc) posts as well as 1 substantial update (narrative, first person entry, scene, or your introductory survey). all we ask is that your 1 update be a decent size with a minimum of 500 words. this will not be heavily policed unless there is a need to look into your activity.

  • when accepted into the community, you will have until the next round of adds (9 p.m. EST on Sunday or Wednesday) to introduce your character. failure to do so will result in removal. this rule also applies to anyone applying after being removed for inactivity.

  • if you wish to submit a thread as your substantial update requirement, you are allowed to do so. the thread must have at least 1,000 words or 6 replies on your part. keep in mind that the thread cannot be backdated (meaning, it must show on the friends' page) and it must be public for all members to read.

  • adjustments will be made for activity requirements depending on when you're added during the month. we are not going to expect you to be added late in the month and still meet all requirements! for example, if you are added in the last week of the month, all you are responsible for is an intro.

  • friends' lists: please make sure to run the button to keep your friends' list up to date. running them after every set of adds to make members feel welcomed is encouraged, but we understand that this is sometimes not possible. we ask that you try and do this at least twice a month (or every other week). if we notice that you have not updated your list in a while, we may nudge you. if you repeat the offense, we may consider this a sign of inactivity.

  • activity will also be reflected in how active you are in commenting and interacting with other players. we understand that real life comes first and that sometimes certain characters are not as outwardly social, but be aware that if we notice silence other than activity to meet community requirements, we will look into the situation further.

  • beyond not meeting your requirements by the end of the month, if you haven't shown any signs of activity two weeks into the activity period (be this commenting or updating your friends' list), you will become eligible for removal. you will be put on a warnings list and given until the next round of adds to post one of your three update requirements; if you do not comply, you will be removed during the next round of adds. we do not allow overrides.

  • extensions are allowed on updates if circumstances would permit it. however, if you were granted an extension on your updates for the previous activity period, you will not be granted another.

  • hiatuses will be granted at the discretion of the mods for whatever reason you might need them and have the same limitations that extensions do. these will last for a minimum of one week and a maximum of one month. if you have multiple characters, we ask that you put them all on hiatus. however, we acknowledge that there may be exceptions to both of these rules. as long as you can justify your reasoning, we are more than willing to work something out.


  • we want to encourage a comfortable atmosphere to allow you to explore whatever facet of your character you enjoy best. if you want to write a narrative of your character in the comic book world, that is completely acceptable. if you want to backdate scenes, you may also do so. do not feel limited by what is currently happening in the community.

  • the implied rules of roleplay apply. don't be a jerk or a bully, and don't cross ic and ooc lines. we do not require that you run anything by us unless it is directly related to our plot, but we ask that you be mature and discuss things that impact other characters ooc before proceeding ic. not abiding by this, or the other rules laid out for the community, is grounds for immediate removal.

  • this community takes place in boston, massachusetts. your character(s) may leave boston for vacations or short trips, but they will always end up back in boston. there is a draw of home to the city that your character has never been able to shake his/her entire life.

  • all characters must live in boston. they can live in any of the 15+ neighborhoods that boston has to offer, but they must live in the city. a helpful image of the locations of the neighborhoods can be found here


  • if you were added into ~lineart on the start of CV week, you will not be able to join CV week. after long consideration, the mod team has decided that characters need to be more solid in their AU connections before jumping into CV week, so from now on new members added during CV week will not be able to join the event.

  • roughly somewhere around once a month, the lines will blur between what has always felt like reality to your au characters and what will feel like reality to the comic book version. this is essentially a time where the two selves will be blended together. the duration and strength of it will vary depending on wavering rules set into place either accidentally or intentionally by unseen forces.

  • personality conflicts and how much they drive your character are up to you. it is placed in your hands to use at your discretion. if your character goes on a killing spree while in the grips of madness, that is your decision. if your character hides in their closet, that is also your decision. if you wish for there to be only memories returned, that is fine. it's also alright if you'd like for personalities to mingle, argue, fight for control or completely dominate each other. this is what will make comic book events fun and unique for everyone.

  • incentives will come into play during cv weeks. if you've built up enough points to redeem a power or something else, this is likely when you'll use it. you will find more information about incentives once you have joined our community.

  • for more on our comic verse plotline, check out this page.