dossier to secretary of state/apostilles
kill laundry monster
kill paperwork monster
bills bills bills (all i do is win win win)
meeting with USA swimming
meeting with agent: appearances
sea dragons fall schedule completed & reviewed
dossier to chinese consulate
CPR, first aid & AED re-certification
lifeguard training re-certification
dossier to china
harvard recruitment dates
coach development training
dossier out of translation
CCCWA caseworker review
meeting with financial planner
match reviewed
clean out guest room
letter of acceptance received by agency, signed & returned
shopping list/registry
fixture repairs and paint in guest room: good riddance guests, hello baby
submit form I-800 to USCIS: immigration phase two
I-800 approval received, submit form DS-260 to NVC
fertility clinic appointment
GUZ number received, visa paperwork forwarded to US consulate in guangzhou, final visa approval received
care coordinator consultation (dept. of public health)
arrange post-adoption services counselor
complete new enrollment for health insurance plan
appointment made with international adoption clinic at boston children's: developmental medicine center
send for our chinese visas
documents ready for article 5 pick-up (received by agency and sent to beijing)
travel approval received
appointments made with US consulate in guangzhou
book flights and hotels
BOS > JFK > beijing
beijing > shanghai
shanghai > nanjing
nanjing > guangzhou
guangzhou > JFK > BOS
finalize adoption overseas, receive visa and passports
apply for US birth certificate & social security card
SSI application
find preschool
intakes at boston children's down syndrome clinic & heart center (surgery?)
early intervention evaluation & developmental screening including neurodevelopmental assessment
individual family service plan completed
theraplay intake
ABA therapy intake
speech and occupational therapy intake
IEP preparation for 3rd year
estate planning & meeting with lawyer
research guardianship: durable power of attorney provision
meal planning
dossier notarized
down syndrome support group
connect with MDSC & parent first call program
international adoption clinic medical consultation
nurture plan completed & submitted
dossier completion & review
birth certificates
employment & income verifications
medical exams
print photos
background checks
USCIS fingerprints taken
submit form I-800A to USCIS: immigration phase one
includes application & home study
pre-approval received
medical record & growth reports: evaluation
letter of intent submitted to CCCWA
complete home study & training