Why are they the way that they are?

Garrett and Bob walk the carpet at the 2016 LACMA Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci at LACMA on Saturday (October 29) in Los Angeles.

what:Gucci leather belt with feline buckle
how much:$590.00

what:Pikachu Tshirt
how much:$9.88

ANONYMOUS   Do you know what their new dog is called?

I'm pretty sure those assholes won't say until someone dogsits and posts it the same way Lindsay Morgan outed Ellie's name. Here's a picture of her though

Bob at Saskatoon Expo 2016

"I'm absolutely obsessed with most of them. Not Past Lives, but most of them. Clouds and The Emotion hold a special place in my heart but before we were even interested in one another, before we were even that close I was just clicking around online and I saw someone had posted Seeing Stars and so I pressed play and I was immediately a fan. I opened up spotify and listened to everything I could, I checked around for those b-sides and rares that every artist has out there, and I even fanboyed a little to him which I was worried about because we didn't know each other like that and I was kind of embarrassing about it. But I think because of all that it'll always be Seeing Stars. He could write me an award winning My Heart Will Go On type ballad and I think Seeing Stars would still always be crème de la crème."

what:Gucci leather belt with double G buckle
how much:$390.00

what:Knit sweater
how much:Stolen from his brother-in-law Rob

They both look good for being broke
ANONYMOUS   I'm so happy they got married because there was no good mashup of their names.

Barrett would be okay but Gob, Borley, and Morns are just terrible. The Borns' is still kind of weird though just because of the band. Maybe G should put Bob in the band so that it makes more sense

Via Bob's snapchat


Bonus: Garrett's snap from Bob's birthday 12/21/16