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TO: tyler@justbakednyc.com

FROM: gillatkins@corcoran.com

SUBJECT: Possible bakery locations
Hi Tyler, it's so good to hear from you. Thank you for reaching out to me, I would love the opportunity to work with you again! I have a variety of locations that would possibly fit your budget and what you have in mind. Maybe we could set up a meeting, when you're back from your vacation? You know my schedule is flexible, especially when it comes to people I have worked with before. Best, Gill

On Mon, July 18, 2016 at 12:40 PM, Tyler Anderson (tyler@justbakednyc.com) wrote:

Afternoon, Gill!

Recently I've been seriously looking into opening another bakery location, so I figured the first thing would be to find out about any available locations. And of course I wanted to work with my favorite real estate agent again. I'll be away from the bakery for the next two weeks, but I wanted to make sure I sent this out to you first so you can start to scope out any options.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Meeting with Julia Price - Monday, July 11th, 2016

Settling back in New York after many years away had been a big adjustment for Julia Price. It wasn't about the new surroundings, because she was still familiar with the neighborhoods in which she grew up, but it was more the fact that she was cutting off her whole support system back there. She couldn't regularly have the help from Colin's father anymore, nor her in-laws, and all of the friends and coworkers she had made couldn't be around either. Now that school was let off for the Summer, her son had much more free time, but he still needed constant surveillance. While Julia's mother had not gone back to work full time, she had a busy social life, but Julia still didn't want to rely solely on her. She had done so much already. So, they had to start considering other options, opening up to new solutions. Neither Julia nor Lisa Marie thought that they could offer this new responsibility to Asher, but the people he surrounded himself with and who stuck with him through the years had proven time and time again that they were generous and caring friends. They had to be strong and trusting somehow, to handle the problems Asher could bring.

So she walked up to a coffee shop not too far from her childhood neighborhood with Colin in tow after she had arranged the meeting with Tyler a few days prior. She was dressed her usual way, like she had to impress, most likely with a designer bag and heels. She ordered herself a tall coffee and a fruit smoothie for her son, then she met up with Tyler at a table. She initiated a hug, all ease and warmth showing on her features. "It feels like it's been such a long time, how have you been?" She asked.

Colin was a shy one, and he still had the dark hair and eyes the Price were known for. He wore thin framed glasses now, and had been for over a year. He kept to himself and to his drink, but he still smiled up at Tyler.

Getting the phone call from Julia was a welcome one, almost immediately agreeing to meeting up. He always enjoyed talking to her, even though before it was usually about Asher and his many grievances. This time, though, it was safe to say the topic wouldn't be completely about him. He went to the coffee shop straight from his job, so he was dressed casually, in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with the bakery's logo on it.

"Too long," Tyler agreed, smiling as he returned the hug and then sat back in his seat. He waved at Colin, not wanting to pressure him into saying anything, especially during this first meeting. He had seen him before, but the boy had grown so much already. He couldn't help but imagine if this was how Asher looked when he was younger. But then he remembered he had seen an old picture of Ash, and yes, the similarity was there. Only Colin had glasses, of course. "I've been alright! Busy doesn't even begin to describe how everything's been. But it's a good kind of busy, you know?" He paused to take a sip from his iced coffee.

"So how have you been? Settled in yet?"

Julia took her seat in front of Tyler, and left her bag on the table. It was a bad habit, because it took so much space and could risk getting crumbs in or spilled on, but it was better than leaving it on the dirty floor or behind her chair, out of her sight. They hadn't seen each other in over a year, when Julia had been back in New York for a short time and to scare her brother into getting his act together and find himself a job. Tyler hadn't seen how much her son had grown then, and the time before that Colin had still been a baby, so she knew that her old friend had to take in the new information of the curious and smart little boy, always dressed like a grown up. "Yes, we've been settled now. Colin and I found a nice little place close to my mom's, which is a God sent, but it doesn't cover absolutely everything. That's why I want him to surround himself with a few more adults he can trust. It is going to be of so much help for both of us."

Waiting his turn to speak like a polite gentleman, Colin pointed to the front of Tyler's shirt, but his voice came in quiet and shy. "Mommy brought us there the other day and we shared a cupcake. It was really good," he smiled, like he was proud of his accomplishment. Of eating half a cupcake or speaking up, it wasn't clear.

"I admit we did a little bit of exploring a few weekends ago, and I just had to scope out the place. We missed you there, unfortunately," Julia added, like it was more a promise that they'd be back one day. At least she was making her son more familiar with this potential new situation, getting to know the places Tyler could take him, one at a time. She was a very cautious parent, sometimes overly so. "I heard some very good and busy news for you, too! Moving out soon, you'll have some settling down of your own to do. How are you feeling?"

Tyler nodded as she spoke, thinking it made sense to want that for her child. Even though they didn't talk on a daily basis, he always kept her in his mind. He couldn't help but grin when Colin spoke up, part of him actually surprised by just how well he could speak. But then it always seemed to shock him when kids he'd seen as babies started to talk. The transition was and probably would always be fascinating for him. "Well, next time maybe you could come around the back and help me make some cupcakes. How would that sound?"

And he meant it too, Tyler was always very accommodating with things like that, especially when it came to kids. Creating classes for both adults and children was yet another thing he wanted to in the future. His list of goals was getting long. "Yeah, we're getting our own home. I'm feeling..." He paused as he thought of a right way to properly say it. "Overwhelmed? This is my first home on my own, and it's a lot to prepare for. Different than just renting an apartment, you know? And Atty - I'm sure you know of Atty -" He paused to raise an eyebrow at his mention.

"Atty has been taking care of everything. I just want to do more, personally, but I know I will have the time to do it later on. And then besides that...I've been thinking of venturing forward with my business...so it's a lot going on, Julia."

A large part of Colin's ease and excitement around, what was for him meeting Tyler for the first time, was his mother's demeanor. He trusted her and her judgment before anything else. If she believed someone was good people, he went along with it. That was why he wasn't so hesitant around his uncle Asher either, because under normal circumstances, the little boy would be more afraid to ever interact with a man as abrasive and unapproachable towards children. At the prospect of making or decorating his own cupcakes, Colin couldn't contain his joyful surprise. "Oh, yes please! That sounds so fun!" He grinned and looked up at his mother expectantly.

Julia nodded, adding that they'd only be waiting for the invitation from the bakery. She would love to get her son more involved with others, and more active. He could use more practice and socialization, even if the boy had no communication problems. "Yes, I've heard of Atty," she started, and her features softened as she recalled the first time she saw him. "We've met a couple of times already, and he gets along so well with Colin. I've just been trying to see that he's not getting into something he can't handle, you know, with how... my brother is. But, it feels a little different somehow. Does it?"

Her mother and she hadn't heard as much about the situation itself, although they had learned to get to know Atty as a person, but she trusted Tyler to have perhaps a little bit more insight. Julia picked up her coffee and considered things for a few seconds. "It is a lot, and it's going to be happening fast, with the house and life actually going on on the forefront. I might know a thing or two, so if you're ever looking for some tips, don't hesitate. I know that Ash will never reach out himself."

She put her coffee down after a few sips and got her day planner out of her bag, hoping to get a better idea of when Tyler's availability would allow them to meet again and make more concrete plans toward Colin spending time with him.

"Different...is one way to describe this," Tyler started to say, also reaching into his shoulder bag to pull out a small journal. He used it as his personal planner, jotting down meetings, deadlines, and whatever else his heart desired. He tended to have so much going on on a daily basis, so having the journal was a must or he'd be feeling overwhelmed constantly. "Maybe I'll call you. So we can talk more?" He really wanted someone to talk to about how things were going. Someone who wasn't his mom, or even his sisters. Yes, Julia was related to Asher, but he felt like she was separated enough from the situation to give genuine advice on his situation. Without being judgmental. But he would rather they spoke about things like that when Colin wasn't around to listen, because yes, he was a child, but he did have ears.

"So I'm free most evenings, excepts for Wednesdays and Fridays. I do take some days off during the month so we can definitely plan to have one or two of those days be Colin days. Maybe we can start off this Thursday, the 14th?"

Your mom told me you moved again.
Yeah, that happened.
When were you planning on telling me?
I don't know. It didn't exactly come to mind since you haven't really spoken to me in months.
Communication is a two way street, Tyler.
And you're supposed to be my father. I shouldn't have to always reach out to you in order to hear from you.
Must you always be so dramatic? I only wanted to know about this new home you're living in.
I'm not being dramatic, dad, I'm being truthful. Why do you want to know about it? Are you surprised?
No, I'm not surprised, Tyler.
Then what is it?
I'm proud.
What? You're proud of what.
Of you, son. You have done a lot
....Who put you up to this? Mom?
No one put me up to this, it's just. I suppose it is something I should have said before.
Right. Okay.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Tyler.
I have to head into a meeting. Expect a call from me later.
Yeah...okay, sure. Later.