Review Cards

What are the keywords used to select a state of an element called (e.g. :hover)?

Pseudo classes.

What filters can be applied to an image in CSS?

Blur, hue-rotate, opacity, brightness, contrast, saturate, drop-shadow, grascale, invert, and sepia.

What are advantages of using a flexbox?

Flexboxes have adaptable options to dynamically adjust the alignment and dispersal of items in a container.

What are the three color systems used to color elements?

Hex, RGB(A), and HSL(A).

What are the properties of an animation?

Name, delay, direction, duration, fill-mode, iteration-count, play-state, and timing-funciton.

How do you add a textbox?

<textarea> or
<input type="[text, number, password]">.

What's a way you can make an element completely invisible in a page without removing it from the HTML?

Using position:absolute and setting the top: and left: values to extremes, or using display:none.

What are the three main tags used to make a table?

<table>, <tr>, and <td>.

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