lex luthor's no good very bad tuesday • 3/13/18
tues. • 3/13/18 the phantom ring Weirdly enough, by now Lex Luthor is no stranger to strange and powerful rings showing up out of nowhere. Last time, it was his Kryptonite ring. This time, it's a ring he doesn't recognize sitting on the desk in his office. Per usual, Lex was attempting to (perhaps with lack of vision) keep up all of Xander's appearances even in a blizzard (because it's just a little snow, get the fuck over it), while trying to deal with the fallout of the conclusions that were made last time he had been awake. He had the mind to just ignore the ring, and just let it be. But he couldn't. Something drew him towards it, and he stared at it for a long, long time. And as he looked at it, picked it up and did not put in on, he thought of all the times that things had been ripped away from him. His power suit, his presidency, his loved ones, his company, his power -- there had been plenty of times that people took things from him, and why couldn't he just take things back? He deserved things far more than anyone else did in this entire damn world. Why the fuck should they have everything? Without thinking, he slid the ring on his finger, and clutched his fist shut. Within a moment, he watched as a light glowed from the ring -- was this a lantern ring he hadn't known about before? -- and watched as he was encased in a glow of orange. He grinned. He had this power before. And as far as he was concerned, there was no issue in letting himself be devoured in it.
tues. • 3/13/18 avarice/greed He did want it all. That was the whole point, it was why the ring of Avarice, of greed had come to him the first time. Lex Luthor wanted everything. He wanted the world in his hand, he wanted people to bow to him like he deserved, he demanded and required respect from everyone. And as far as Lex was concerned, these were not things that Xander was getting, so why not get that for him now? Everything in this office was his. Everything in this building was his. Time to make people aware of that fact. His suit he wore was a bright orange as he walked out of his CEO office, and into the building itself. And as he passed his secretary, who was wearing a particularly expensive diamond ring, he paused. "Nice ring," He said, his new secretary smiling at him as she lifted her hand, telling him how nice it was that her boyfriend got it for him. "Mine." He said, with force as he grabbed her hand and too the ring right off her finger. And when she protested, "Your job is mine now too! You're fired." He walked out to her cries, as he pocketed the ring. A little greed was a good thing, wasn't it?
tues. • 3/13/18 avarice/greed A little greed was a good thing, unless it became completely overwhelming and that was exactly what was happening now. Everything that wasn't nailed down, he took. Any jewelry people were wearing he snagged. He was claiming men and women has his own, he was claiming everything in the building belonged to him, and if anyone said otherwise he'd take their jobs too. Lex Luthor, and by proxy Xander Charlson, fired a lot of people that day. And the feeling was getting overwhelming, the greed was getting worse because he didn't know how to control it. He could not control it. He wanted everything and he wanted it now. He wanted all his vices, he wanted alcohol, he wanted drugs, he wanted sex, he wanted everything, and the world would be so much better if they knew just how better of they'd be if Lex just owned them all. After all, wasn't that sort of his presidential slogan? Okay, it wasn't that at all, but if one greedy bastard could be elected, certainly Lex could run and win again. Returning to his office, walking past the empty desk of his secretary, he found his door to be opened. Someone was waiting for him.
tues. • 3/13/18 avarice/greed When he walked into the room, his hand tight, the ring shining, he turned to see Kara. Little miss Supergirl, little miss Red Lantern. Why couldn't he be Supergirl, or rather in his case, Superman? He'd do a better job than Clark ever did, hell he did do a better job than Clark ever did, so what the fuck was the problem? And Kara was trying to say something to him, but he couldn't listen. Couldn't hear her over his overwhelming feeling of need, of want, of greed. And he ran towards her and screamed at the top of his lungs, "GIVE ME YOUR LANTERN RING. IT IS MINE! I WANT IT!" and lunged at her. Because the smartest thing to do was to not try to steal Supergirl's red lantern ring -- especially since if it was removed, she could die -- but it was a pretty red ring. Why wouldn't he want it? "GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING RING!"
tues. • 3/13/18 greed into rage "GIVE IT TO ME! MY PRETTY RED RING. GIVE IT TO ME!" He demanded as he fought against her, and though the power of the ring he wore gave him powers to a point, it wasn't enough to fight against Supergirl. Because well, she was Supergirl, and he wasn't going to get the damn ring from her, even though he tried. And as she threw him against a wall, and he slid down it after his back slammed against it hard, there was a new overwhelming emotion that came over him. The glow from the ring, which once was orange, changed to red. A brilliant violent, bloody, red, and he stood up and glared at her. "How dare you," he hissed, spitting venomous red blood from his lips, his outfit now forming into a full Red Lantern outfit. Everyone was the same, weren't they? Trying to knock him down a peg when he was only trying to get what was his, only trying to get what he deserved. Why wasn't he just allowed to live his life? But no, he had super powered people throwing him around like a fucking rag doll, and he had enough. And as the anger and rage ran through him, he let out an angry warrior scream and went towards Kara again. She was the current reason for his anger right now, she would have to do to help him satisfy it.
tues. • 3/13/18 anger/rage Fighting and screaming only helps to fuel the anger more, it builds the rage, and soon he's so rage-filled Lex can't even think straight. All he sees is red. All he sees is a world he wants to destroy. Because if it won't bend to his will, then it cannot fucking exist. Kara, bless her, doesn't want to see him get all crazy, but well...it's a little late for that. Lex usually prides himself on being in control of his emotions, being in control of everything. But he's not in control. He's a blind bloody violent rage of a person, and he wants to kill, maim, and destroy everything in sight. Kara tries to keep his attention as they fight, but he manages to get past her and with the ring's power he flies out of the window and towards another destination - he's going where his mind is telling him to go. He's going to his competitors, to take them out, and then take their company, and then take out their competitors and it's a fantastic plan. That is until he's zapped with something and falls down to the Earth, blacking out.
tues. • 3/13/18 anger/rage When he comes to, he's immediately pissed off, and doesn't know where he is. And he's restrained, and nicely so thanks to Kara's handy work. She tries to reason with him but he's raging, and she just rolls her eyes and uses her super strength and power to lift him up and throw him directly into a lake. But not just any lake, a lake of red, of blood and before he knew what was going on, he was submerged completely in the water. Shooting himself to the surface immediately, he did the best he could to swim to the side of the lake and gasped, spitting out blood and water, feeling that he had more control over himself again. He can feel Kara being smug and he wants to say something, but the overwhelming feeling happens again, but instead of the ring on his hand changing to one color in particular, in rapid succession Lex finds he's turning all the colors of the lantern spectrum.
tues. • 3/13/18 overwhelmed Rage. Avarice. Fear. Will. Hope. Compassion. Love. He goes through all of these emotions in rapid succession, as he pulls himself up on the shore and against a tree. His eyes are blown wide, his heart rate picking up, as he sorts things out, and the ring sorts him out. What the fuck is this thing? There was no way that he's been chosen for any Lantern Corps, so why does he have it? Why can he wear it? Why is he shooting through all of the colors? The changing on the colors slows down. It lingers on Yellow, of Fear, as it focuses on Lex's fear that he might be stuck with this and that his life may not ever be one he has control of again. But it soon moves to Green, of Will, as he tells himself that he's gotten through far worse, and he will get through this, because there is nothing on this Earth that can ever stop him. Nothing will stop him. Not now, not ever. Not this little ring. He moves to take the ring off...
weds. • 3/14/18 gone ...but the ring decides on it's own, as it slips off Lex's finger and disappears, flying off to find someone else. He'll never get used to seeing those damn rings fly off like that. But then again, he's seen weirder things. Aliens from Krypton, for example, one whom is still very close to him and approaching him carefully. "I'm alright." Lex finally says, and stands up, brushing himself off. He looks over at the apparently very real blood lake, and takes in his surroundings. He takes a moment to regain composure, and he straightens the tie he still has on. And he goes to leave....to only realize something. "Wait. Where the hell am I?" He looks at Kara, with a raised eyebrow, and shrugs, "Blood lake, blah, blah...so are you gonna tell me what that was all about, or...?" Confused, he sighs, "Honestly...if I had any idea..." And it's the truth.