It's the last word he said to her after an argument, over the something so trivial now that he's thinking about it more clearly. She's bored, and he gets that, in some weird twisted way he's bored too but he can't actually voice those words. Because the moment anyone seems to be too content, is the moment when everything goes to hell. And it does, because hearing people are being kidnapped is one thing. Hearing that they're going to a prison, 30 minutes outside the city, that suspiciously looks like Blackgate Penitentiary, well that's a bigger deal.

Blackgate was always the one place in Gotham where, if he needed it, GCPD couldn't help. There would be no police backup, it was just him. Him and anyone else who dared to come along, and most of that time, he went there solo. He knows the layout well though, because just like Arhkam, he's been there way too many times to count. But unlike Arhkam, things are run a little differently there. The criminally insane weren't housed here, but that didn't mean that there weren't dangerous criminals in it's walls. He has always been someone who believed in the art of rehabilitation, on helping people return to a normal life, but sometimes it didn't work that way. That was always where Blackgate came in.

His argument with Catwoman seems so dumb now, because now there is a strong chance that she's been taken, and there is a strong chance that she's been tortured, because well, that's how Blackgate works. Others start to come to him, asking what is going on, asking what they can do to help, and as much as he understands why he's suddenly become a bit of a de-facto leader, he doesn't relish in it. He doesn't thrive in it. There is a vindictive and malicious intent to making Blackgate appear out of thin air, and it gets under his skin. It infuriates him, it frustrates him. It almost makes him wish for Arkham, simply because despite protests, Arkham does help. All Blackgate does is create more criminals and forces them to work for the government, something he's never approved of.

There's always a method to the madness, but he doesn't always agree with it. Nine out of ten times, he doesn't. He was struggling with the idea of making Boston a real and honest home before, but now that doesn't seem possible with something from Gotham appearing out of thin air. Things have a habit of doing that here, and it's getting to be a bit tiresome.

He's done enough to know that it's been too long since Selina has been missing, and he tracks her phone to a rooftop in the middle of the city. There is sign of a struggle, pieces of her Catsuit on the building, and blood. He's not sure if it's hers, or the attackers, but it's clear that she was taken too. There is a knot in his stomach as he picks up her phone to see a half finished text message, addressed to him I’m sorry. Need help…, before it's cut off completely. He holds the phone tightly in his hand before he slips it into his utility belt, and continues to survey the scene. He starts to calculate the compound of the blood on the floor through his suit, uploading the small sample to the remote bat computer, but it's enough. This blood is hers. And there are little drops everywhere.

Fortunately, or unfortunately which seems to be the better word, he uses this to track her. He turns on his stealth suit, to remain undetected by those who aren't of the 'hero or villain' type, and starts to track the trail. Everyone just assumed that Selina had been kidnapped, but he wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt - it wasn't the first time she disappeared on him, and it wouldn't be the last. She could always handle herself. Now...this was information he may need to keep to himself. For now.

It leads him outside of the city, towards the GPS coordinates he had been given by Flash, and his features pull into a thin line. The building comes into view, and he stops on the shore, to calculate the distance from shore to the building. And it's so familiar, and it's there, just waiting. Thankfully, he was a man with many toys, and now was just one of those times. He hits a button on his wrist, and waits.

Soon, the water starts to move as if there is something hovering about it, and for a brief moment, the bat plane goes out of stealth and he grapples up to it, getting behind the wheel so to speak and goes back into stealth, going directly towards the island. He gets to a point where he's far enough away that he can see things, but he's not Superman, he can't see through walls. Not without some help. Always with the toys. It pays to have them at times.

It's through his sonar vision through is cowl that he sees it. People held captive, others standing guard. He's seen enough to know the place is heavily guarded, and it looks as though people are being ferried through the waters to the island. He zooms in to the cells, through the walls, and sees two people in a cell together, figures outline that seem familiar. There's a cat cowl on one of them and he knows that she's there. He had hoped that wasn't the case but, well as usual everything was connected.

The plane goes on autopilot then, as he gets out, and grapples over to the prison, stealth suit still engaged so he's not seen, and lands on one of the guard towers. He takes a closer look through his cowl to see the cell he was looking for, and it's them; it's Alfred and Selina. He can't get close enough to see the damage done, and he can't get close to see or hear them, but he decides on the next best thing.

He pulls out his remote controlled batarang and throws it, cutting through the air quickly and navigates it through the bars on the cell's window, the batarang cutting into the door that is holding them captive. A sign for them that he knows where they are, and that he's going to come back with help. It's all he can do right now until he has a bigger plan.

And for that plan to work, he's going to need allies. He knows just who to go to.