7:23am, sunday.
when dinah woke up without oliver at her side, she honestly hadn't felt all that surprised. it wasn't the first time one had abandoned the other in their most desperate time of need, and she had a feeling that despite the finality of it, it wouldn't be their last. however, the feeling of loss this time was crippling and try as she might, it was hard to shake it. after years of him pushing for a family and finally having it within their grasp, having it taken away from her, and her less hardened partner, was debilitating. her whole body ached from sadness. it was overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions, and even dinah found it hard to get out of bed that first day.

12:41pm, sunday.
tears streamed from her eyes upon seeing hal jordan and she wrapped herself around him tightly. all these months had come and gone and he'd never been there. it was hard for her not to think the worst during that time, scared he may have been killed, or somehow got lost in space forever. their first embrace was long and overjoyed despite the confusion he was feeling, and she made him promise that he'd never leave again.

3:07am, monday.
she struggles to breathe, but his hands around her throat make it hard. he knows her well enough to cut off her air supply, make it so her one power can't be used against him, and he's slowly fading from her sight as he presses harder against her neck, squeezing the life from her slowly and painfully. the last thing she sees is hal in his parallax form, his sharp-toothed sneer wide. dinah remembers him making her promise to do whatever it took to stop him and she did her best to reach the knife she had at her bedside. he pushes harder and she struggles to cling to what's left of her life. having knocked the blade to the floor, she reaches for the lamp and as she finally brings it to the side of his face, everything goes dark and she's awake.

3:10am, monday.
in a cold sweat, dinah had awoken at the sound of her lamp smashing against the floor of her bedroom. hal was sound asleep, though the pained expression on his face told her his night was as bad as hers. although she promised to stay at his side, she crept out of her apartment with a hot coffee in hand and to the roof to sit. the anxiety of whatever was taking over boston had crept into the one place she felt safest and she knew she'd never sleep soundly until this was over.

5:32pm, monday.
despite her promises to take him to see the others, dinah falls asleep on the couch mid-morning and he doesn't disturb her. after discussing their equally long and sleepless nights, what was meant as a five minute rest turned into a solid six hours. when she finally wakes, dinah jumps and looks at him, angry he hadn't woken her up, and he explains that every time he tried, she hit him. she checks her phone, making sure nothing happened during her comatose midday nap, and the news she recieves is alarming.

11:21am, tuesday.
it was difficult to pull dinah away from helena after an attack of that magnitude, but her bruised inflated ego told her enough was enough and she had to leave before it got worse. changing into a pair of gym shorts and tank top, dinah decided to go for a run to clear her head. it seemed fairly clear that helena had enough of being babysat, and dinah had enough of feeling like the bad guy for worrying about her friends safety. she hadn't realized how fast and how hard she had been running, but as she ran through what looked like an abandoned construction zone, she felt her limbs ache as they pounded against uneven ground. as she slowed to a stop, her heart beating so heavily against her chest she felt it would beat right out, she realized her legs had carried her to somewhere unfamiliar.

12:01pm, tuesday.
running her hands along the doors, she looked up, shielding her eyes with her hand as she gazed over the building ahead of her. "i don't believe it," she mumbled, looking back at the doors and gently pushing them open. as she steps inside the familiar building, a sense of camaraderie washes over her and her eyes swell with tears, remembering the times she and her colleagues spent in the hall of justice.

12:47pm, tuesday.
"bruce, call diana and clark. i found something you'll want to see."