GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS, earthlings and potential employers. My name is Em and I'm a freelance writer (& a Virgo, if you wanted to know). I specialise in music, nerdery, the supernatural, and queerness. I can and will, however, write about anything. I'm what you might call a Jack of All Trades. (Or a Jill, depending on how I'm feeling that day.) Those trades also include: cartoons, photography, song composition, and drinking a LOT of coffee.

To the left, once I've remembered how to turn this into an iframe, you can find navigation to samples of my work, social media, and contact information. But sadly, I haven't yet remembered and so this is a mess. This'll be the short paragraph that says so though. Yay! )- i want this all centred and it in the middle of the page, note to self.


  • Discover Geek (content copywriter, february 2017-)
    product descriptions, SEO, social media management (twitter). general geekery, being a video game know-it-all with "cutting edge" star wars commentary including but not limited to, "i hate kylo ren"
  • Inspirer (staff music writer, may 2017-)
    album & ep reviews, concert reviews, interviews, blog posts (opinion pieces, series exclusives), comic ('a girl walks into a guitar shop')


  • Get Transcribed (transcriptionist, january 2017-)
    audio transcription of confidential files, youtube files, interviews, lectures

  • ECOMMERCE (various, 2014-)
    Gumtree ads, eBay ads

  • DOG MINDER (2016-)
    walk 5+ miles a day, lifelong experience with dogs of all different breeds, good with nervous dogs, can administer certain medications (ear drops, tablets), basically a taller dog whisperer