community spotlight

how important are first impressions for you?
they're important. the impression i get is going to determine whether or not i want to get to know someone better. if i don't like what i see, it's unlikely anything will come of it. some have been known to surprise me, so that's not set in stone or anything.
has there been one year that has been better for you than others?
this last year has been really, really great. i am content with my career path and in most other aspects of my life. 30 isn't as bad as i thought it would be.
what's your favorite pixar movie?
up! even if the first few minutes rip me to shreds every time, i can't get enough of it.
have you ever been bungee jumping?
i have! i don't know that i would do it again, but it was a lot of fun.
what is your favorite hobby?
is vacationing a hobby? because i love visiting new places and seeing things.
what's the furthest you've been on vacation?
hawaii, i think. i'd have thought it was somewhere in europe, but it turns out that hawaii is so much further away. the more you know.
what three things make you insanely happy?
music, the beach, and good company.
what is your favorite pizza topping?
this might sound weird, but chicken on a pizza is the greatest thing.
what type of music is your favorite? what type is your least favorite?
i love a little bit of everything. i'm not a fan of country music though.
how many pairs of shoes do you own? why are shoes like...something women are obsessed with?
i own way too many to count. sure, you see it as an obsession, but i don't think it's wrong that i don't want to wear the same pair of shoes on a daily basis and have them wear out after a week.
what's your favorite animal?
rabbits. bunnies are just so cute.
how many mirrors does it take to distract jon?
just one. the minute he sees his reflection, all bets are off.
What were your greatest aspirations as a child?
i knew from an early age that i wanted to be just like my father. after he died, my motivation only grew stronger. i'd like to think he would be proud.
What's your favorite word? Scent? Sound?
i don't know that i have a favorite word. beautiful, maybe. i love the smell of lilacs and the sound of rain beating against a rooftop, though.
If you were handed a book foretelling your future, would you read it?
no, i wouldn't. life is more fun when you live it day-to-day.
What was your first impression when we met?
i thought you were really pretty.
What three things can make your day? Alternately, what three things could break it?
a heartfelt compliment, a perfect cup of tea, and someone holding the door for me are some good things. spilling something on myself, breaking a heel, or tripping and dropping everything in my hands are the surest way to ruin it.
Who's prettier, Jon or myself (And no, you cannot just default and choose yourself)?
come on, now, you're both gorgeous. but if i can't default to myself, i'll default to thad.
What's one thing you want to learn before you leave this life behind?
i would love to learn to cook. not simple, quick meals either. i want to blow people away.
How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
does anyone ever actually lick all the way through? i'd be impressed.
What era would you want to time travel back to?
the 1920s.
You only have one piece of jewelry you can wear forever, what is it?
the necklace my father bought me for my tenth birthday. it's a snowflake pendant, and i wear it a lot of the time anyway.
Louboutins or Blahniks?
louboutins, always.
Sunrise or sunset?
sunset, unless i'm seeing the sunrise after a full night of partying, which hasn't happened in years.
What would be your final meal if you were on death row?
i'd hope i am never on death row to have to make this decision, but if i were, i would go big. pizza, lobster, loaded cheese fries, and some butter cookies from home.
what's your favorite beverage?
tea. any kind of tea. i have way too many tins of it in my office.
do you dream at night? if so, do you ever have a reoccurring dream? what's it about?
i don't dream often, or at least i don't often remember what i dreamt about.
what's your favorite time of the day?
i love the evenings, and not just because that's when work is over (though that is a major reason). to me, a city doesn't start to come alive until you see it transitioning into night.
where do you get your strength?
from my friends. i would be lost without them.
who's your celebrity crush?
i couldn't actually come up with an answer for this. i remember having a crush on justin timberlake when i was younger, but beyond that, it's not really my thing.
if you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?
ice blue, like the color of elsa's dress in frozen. blue has always been my color.
what's your favorite type of ice cream?
i love coffee flavored ice cream.
is there a career that you always wanted to try?
i sometimes wonder what it would be like if i were practicing law in a courtroom instead of a business office.
what's your favorite childhood memory?
visiting disneyland paris with my parents after it opened. i was young and don't remember a lot of the specifics, but it's one of the memories of my father that is still strong in my head.
What fictional world would you like to live in?
this is silly, but the sisterhood of the travelling pants. i'd love a world where one pair of pants fit different body types like that.
If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take with you?
i know i'm going to be stranded beforehand? a knife, a satellite phone, and a tent.
What is your idea of the perfect day?
sitting on the beach without a care in the world.
What is your favorite thing about me?
other than your unrivaled good looks? your sense of adventure.
Where is your favorite vacation destination?
the british virgin islands.
Where have you always wanted to go on vacation but haven't yet?
anywhere in the mediterranean. greece or italy are at the top of my list.
What was your first impression of me when we actually met?
i thought you were cute but unable to take anything seriously.
What is at the top of your bucket list?
i'd love to climb mount everest.
What makes you smile?
cute animal photos, being near the people i care about, random compliments. i could go on and on.
If you could only eat one food the rest of your life, what would it be?
fries. there are so many ways you can eat them that i think i could avoid boredom.
What is your favorite rainy day movie?
the breakfast club or clueless.
What toy from your childhood was really creepy?
i still have nightmares about furby.
What's the worst movie you've ever paid to see?
twilight. i don't know what i ever saw in those books.
Is there anything you want to change about yourself?
no, i'm content with myself and my life.
Which is better to listen to – your heart or your brain?
it's probably better to listen to my brain, but my heart usually wins out.
What is your favorite thing to wear to bed?
a t-shirt that doesn't belong to me.
What advice would you give your younger self?
appreciate what and who you have because you could lose it at anytime.
Which super power would you most like to have?