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so how's california?
earth to sutter?
paging sutter davies
i'm assuming from the silence, it's pretty good
or did you throw yourself off the golden gate bridge?
maybe i should call oakland pd
sorry, em. we've been a little distracted. california is incredible!
yeah "california"
i hate to say i told you so
i told you so
yeah, yeah. you were right, ok?
nooo shit suts
bout time you finally recognized
now all i ask for is your undying loyalty, an alibi for the night of january 8th, 2013, and a couple rounds at murphy's bar
you gonna bring our girl home?
believe me, i'm working on it
good luck
you may return to your regularly scheduled boinkfest
alright, simmer down
Mrs. Mahoney
Beaufort, SC
Nov 13, 2017 at 10:11 AM
Call Back
Hello, Sutter dear! It's Mrs. Mahoney, from next door. How is your trip? I hope you're having a nice time in Cali- oh, wherever you are. Everything's fine here, don't you worry. I'm just wondering... Yes, Marietta - I'm trying. Uh, I'm doing a head count for Thanksgiving. Are you still coming to supper? What about a guest? Should I set a place for Miss Kathryn, or maybe someone else? ... (inaudible) No, I'm not going to say that! ... Well, then you call him. Okay, sweetheart, that's all! Be safe!