the black damn canary

control // halsey

i'm bigger than my body. i'm colder than this home. i'm meaner than my demons. i'm bigger than these bones. and all the kids cried out, "please stop, you're scaring me." i can't help this awful energy. goddamn right, you should be scared of me.

handle me // robyn

let me tel you how it be. you won't get with this, you see. 'cause you can't handle me. it's a simple fact that you can't seem to handle me.

bullpen // dessa

forget the bull in the china shop, there's a china doll in the bullpen. walk with a switch, fire in her fist, biting at the bit

trouble // natalia kills

hey lover, come and be my alibi. i'm gonna burn down the house tonight. ride with me, i know your friends say that i'm trouble. hold me down int he siren lights, love me even when my lies ain't white, light the fuse on the dynamite. i'm trouble.

gun // chvrches

you had better run from me with everything you own, 'cause i'm gonna gome for you with all that i have. i'm gonna break you down to tiny, tiny parts.

the devil within // digital daggers

i will keep quiet, you won't even know i'm here. you won't suspect a thing, you won't see me in the mirror. but i crept into your heart, you can't make me disappear, 'til i make you.

black sheep // gin wigmore

i'm a bad woman to keep. make me mad, i'm not here to please. paint me in a corner, but my color comes back. once you go black, you never go back. i'm a black sheep.

don't mess with me // brody dalle

i got the feeling i can break out of anything that is standing in my way. i know the feeling, i can take the pain of losing teeth, it's better than defeat. i got the feeling i can let go, because it means that much to me to show you so. you're the reason i can stay and fight until the death, 'cause what i stand for will not give up.

battle cry // angel haze

and you can give it your all despite what it takes, and you never let 'em kill you, you take everything they give you and throw it right fucking at 'em and tell 'em it doesn't build you. and no it don't ever break you, and no it can't overtake you. life's like a bed of roses, you take the thorns and you make do.

boys wanna be her // peaches

the way you rock, don't stop. girl, you got the chops. flip flop, she bop, self-taught. you look so hot.

the devils backbone // the civil wars don't care if he's guilty, don't care if he's not. he's good, and he's bad and he's all that i've got. oh lord, oh lord, i'm begging you please, don't take that sinner from me.