BRIAN WALLACH: A TIMELINE click the images for more detail

1994 / AGE 18

Brian Wallach, a smart and over-achieving high schooler, applies and is accepted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He's over the moon excited, and his father Anthony and mother Christina could not be more proud. Brian attends MIT in the fall, and chooses to live in an apartment near campus rather than live at home with his family. He is determined to make a name for himself and prove that he is more than just the "Wallach" name. He finds that MIT is filled with other people his age hoping to achieve the same thing, and Brian makes fast friends.

1995 / AGE 19

While working at MIT, Brian needs to have a job. Unfortunately, the only place he manages to get a job with his lack of experience is Wallach Industries. He's given a job in the mailroom, because his father thinks it can prove to Brian that he can't just beg family for a job. It works, but while in the mail room, Brian starts to see just how things are really run at Wallach. He soon grows disappointed with how his father is running the company, and how he treats his employees. He vows to himself that if he ever becomes CEO, he'll do better.

1996 / AGE 20

Brian graduates MIT a year early, and with that he's given a promotion out of his dead end job in the mailroom - he is immediately promoted to the Research and Development department, working under a man named Lucas Fox. At this point in time, Brian is no longer on speaking terms with his father, after trading blows about the state of the company. Anthony has told Brian that he is going to take over the company some day, and he will need to learn how to play by Anthony's rules. Of course, Brian refuses. He is determined to prove that he is the better Wallach man. Once he's settled into the R&D department, Brian applies for Harvard Business and is accepted. He takes night classes, while keeping a 9-5 job.

1997 / AGE 21

A constant power struggle between the two of them, Brian and Anthony have a huge blowout in Anthony's office at Wallach Industries, while Brian's mother Christina watches. Anthony leaves angry, and Christina promises her son that she'll talk to him. Two hours later, Brian gets a call that there has been an accident - his mother and father have died instantly in a car crash, and while Brian's last words to his mother were "I love you, I'll see you soon", Brian's last words to his father had been "I hate everything about you, and I hope I never become you." Grief overcomes him instantly. He never gets over this moment, and he struggles a lot with the loss of his parents.

2000 / AGE 24

After dating for a few years, Brian marries long time friend and girlfriend Veronica Vaughn. Marrying Veronica, who he affectionately calls "Roni", has made him the happiest man in the world. The two of them excitedly talk about their future, and the large family that they plan on having.

2001 / AGE 25

After denying his place as CEO of Wallach Industries for three years following the death of his parents, Brian finally decides to step up and take the job full on. Brian decides it's time for him to step into the role, rather than appoint Lucas Fox to sit in as his interim President. (Though, Lucas stays on as Brian's trusted advisor, to help him transition.) Brian is determined to prove he is a better man than his father; and considering Brian and his wife Veronica have been trying for a child, he hopes to prove he can be a better father as well.

2004 / AGE 28

Brian Wallach meets Elena Benedetti for the first time. Elena is interviewing for a job. The two become fast friends, and Brian soon considers her to be like a sister to him.

2005 / AGE 29

Brian is given divorce papers from Veronica from New York, after she left him. The miscarriage of their child and their inability to reconnect causes them to fall apart. Veronica moves out of state and cuts off contact from Brian. Brian throws himself into work.

2007 / AGE 31

Brian wakes up in Vegas to find himself married to a woman he literally only met the night before. The two agree to get the marriage annulled immediately, and agree to laugh it off and go their seperate ways. He decides that maybe he should stop trying so hard to party and get over his failed marriage by acting out, and that he should just get back to work and back to his life.

2008 / AGE 32

While walking around Boston after work, Brian literally runs into an old flame: Veronica. It takes a bit, but the two catch up, and Brian offers Veronica a job at Wallach Industries.

2012 / AGE 36

Brian is named Boston Magazine's Top CEOs to Watch and Wallach Industries is named one of the top companies to work for in Boston.

2014 / AGE 38:

September 2014, Brian Wallach wakes up after a week of no memories. He's certain he's blacked out, or perhaps has some sort of condition, so he goes to see a specialist. His results come back negative, and there is no evidence as to what has happened. Brian thinks he's going crazy.

2014 / AGE 38

October 2014, Brian finds what looks like a batarang on his keyring. It's a bottle opener, and he knows it's from a comic character, but for some strange reason he feels more "attachment" to the object than that. He mostly ignores this feeling though, for fear of feeling crazy.

2014 / AGE 38

In November 2014, Brian Wallach is kidnapped and tortured, but is finally released home to his friends. He is plagued with memories of being called "Bruce" and "Batman" and he's not sure why his captors thought he was a fictional character. He quietly deals with the aftermath of the torture for months, until he is able to swallow it down and make it disappear the best he can.

2015 / AGE 39

January and February 2015: Brian decides to bite the bullet and finally gets two tattoos on his forearms. These tattoos are his second and third, his first being an outline of a bat on his left shoulder, completed in December 2014.

2015 / AGE 39

May and June 2015: Brian wakes up after a week he cannot remember in the hospital. His arm is broken, and his leg is badly damaged - badly enough that the doctors tell Brian they will need to amputate his leg. In June, after another week of no memories, Brian wakes up at home to find his leg fully healed, the only memory he has is of dipping himself into a lake of some sort. He cannot wrap his mind around his full recovery, and starts to dig into all of the notes he had been collecting since he started to lose memories in 2014.

2015 / AGE 39

After going through all his notes, video tapes, audio logs, and various other items, Brian Wallach has fully accepted the other side of him; the notes and items left around his home in the past year have given him the ability to finally put things together. While he does not have the memories, he has accepted that he is Bruce Wayne. This is also made evident to him when he discovers that through his home library, is an entrance to what is unmistakably the Batcave (discovered by Brian in October 2015). He's not sure if he'll ever remember being Bruce Wayne, but the random memories that he does have about a life he knows to be the other man's tells him that moment is just around the corner. Oddly enough, Brian is okay with this.

2015 / AGE 39

December 31, 2015: Brian Wallach and Veronica Vaughn remarry. Brian is over the moon happy at the fact that he has a second chance with Veronica, and the two vow to never let anything get between them again.