yes but IS THIS REAL and if it is who is going to bring me to new york so i can watch it happen, should i set up a gofundme because i'm ready for this


As if Alan Avison has any time for hanging out with the walking frat party that is Scott Whitcombe.


oh no is he too busy being fANCY and SerIOuS


If by that you mean is he too busy using his actual talent to make quality movies and television then yes, that's exactly what i meant.



not to halt your argument, but in the history of the world as you know it have you ever heard anyone threaten a tap battle without being completely serious about it?

neondemons said:
Congratulations on the 100% Fresh rating so far for Hell or High Water! Do you think you'd have what it takes to pull off a bank heist in real life? How would you do it?

hey thanks, we're all really proud of how it came together. i would probably make a terrible burglar in real life, because i'd want to be really crazy about it - i'd want one of those lasers that cuts through windows and to be lowered from the ceiling on a pulley system and maybe pull some of those crazy magic tricks from now you see me, all the smoke and mirrors, it'd be way too complicated to logically work. this is how i'd get away with it, though: they'd catch me on the surveillance cameras and send the police after me once i escaped with the money, only i'd be wearing one of those face masks from mission impossible 2 so they'd think i was some other guy and go after him instead. then i'd pull off my creepy mask and kick back in my pool of money like scrooge mcduck.


current mood: scott whitcombe throwing a guitar hero controller across the room after failing out on 'hot for teacher' for the fourth time


wait WHAT what on earth what this isn't on his insta?


it's on his friend's you're so welcome


Anonymous said:
can i be one of your sister wives too please daddy

anonymous said:
are you hella bummed that they're making an oceans sequel and you're not in it?

i'm more hella bummed that you're writing me off so quickly. maybe they've tapped me to be the catherine zeta-jones and it just hasn't been announced yet. nah, they haven't. in all seriousness though i think it's going to be a great project and it'll be cool to see where it goes.

blackheartsblackeyes said:
costar fuck/marry/kill: anna kendrick, lavender blankley, scarlett johansson

i marry all of them at once and we get a reality series celebrity spinoff on tlc called scott's sister wives


Is it just me and my potato brain that gets in the shower and thinks about what I would do if the curtain opened and Scott Whitcombe was there and he gets into the shower with you and starts washing your back where you can't reach and after a minute you realize he's tracing letters and you close your eyes and concentrate on what he's writing and then you realize he's writing "I'll always love you"

"try again," scott says, "really concentrate this time." his finger moves slower.


a m

t h e

l i z a r d

k i n g


ben foster & scott whitcombe | hell or high water interview (×)

love how this hot mess doesn't even attempt to deny the fact that he was out drinking and likely acting the fool. he's not the peter pan humanity needs, but he's the one we deserve.

does this mean i get to have lost boys? are you all my lost boys? are we going to sing that song?

cliffpantones said:
what have you been listening to lately? i miss your throwback playlists on spotify!

i could pretend i had a really good reason for this, but honestly i've just been really lazy the past couple of months. i actually really like the new green day single, listen to that while you wait.


imagine scott picking you out of a crowd at an event and asking if he can hold your baby. you always thought he would be good with kids but he's even better than you would have guessed. "you look just like your mom, beautiful." he looks up at you. "she has your eyes."

so, now would be an awkward time to tell you that i dropped that child, huh