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Happy 3rd Birthday to my favorite album of all time 'Ultraviolence'! A timeless jewel that the world will never forget
onelittleindie asked:
did you see the video of reggie grimwade's birthday party? do you know if they're back together?

We did see the video but unfortunately, we don't have an answer for you. We prefer to respect Dahlia and Reggie's private lives. (Even if it would be absolutely, positively beautiful!)

"I thought my tastes and likes were pretty normal, but then I met everyone and I was like, 'These people don’t actually care about music and art. They want to be cool.' I never met anyone who cared about music as deeply as me and my boyfriend, or who really cared about poetry-—who really lived it and breathed it. I haven’t met anyone so far. I just can’t affiliate with those people."
Dahlia Faye, 2013

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"Roses Bloom for You" by Dahlia Faye/ Lust for Life
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I believe we all have the opportunity to stand up as women in our ordinary everyday lives. I believe that we all have the power to replace hate with justice, open-heartedness and kindness. I believe that one woman’s success, is every woman’s gain. I believe that it is every woman’s choice to be able to live her life how she sees fit… that all of us are girl-bosses and the power of the girl-boss is that we care a bit more about those around us.
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from Dahlia's instagram
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