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raps @shostakova
dancer, rhinestone enthusiast
the girl who gets the coffee.
boston, the wrong end of the chessboard.
Joined December 2008
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raps @shostakova ∙ 2h still smoothly on my way to insufferable. #pinkdrink #quietlyhatingeverything         134         568        
raps @shostakova ∙ 10h I resent everyone who is still asleep in bed right now.         200         238        

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raps @shostakova ∙ June 19 #mitb i do not want a dadbod winner. come the fuck on you guys. #boyfriendORkoORcesaroPLS #gdicreative         86         102        
raps @shostakova ∙ June 19 haha why would anyone ever win clean over cena why would that happen #sawitcoming #mitb #bulletclublife         109         135        
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Adam Blampied @AdamTheBlampied ∙ June 19 Seriously, Seth has been LIFTING. Dude looks swollen. Oh god have I become a bro?         192         1k        
raps @shostakova ∙ June 19 just because she's a hart doesn't mean she's entertaining #unpopularopinion #mitb #womensmatch @SashaBanksWWE come back soon. #ilybecky.         54         76        
raps @shostakova ∙ June 19 yep @WWEAaLLday21 & @WWEDramaKing can get it. #alldayerrday         95         104        
raps @shostakova ∙ June 19 #mitb sometimes it feels like the new day is the #wwe's late attempt at 2 live crew. idk how to feel about that.         87         135